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Products Overview

Complete Data Backup, Restore and Archiving Solutions

No one wants to backup data. It's done because there's the ever-present chance of a data failure, and then a restore is needed. That is when your data backup solutions become critical. They must perform or data can be lost.

Tandberg Data specializes in backup and archiving solutions. By using LTO, DAT, RDX, and SLR technologies, as well as disk-based network-attached solutions, Tandberg Data creates solutions that have broken new ground in affordability and features.  

Tape Drives
Tandberg Data's tape drives, based on DAT, LTO, or SLR technologies, help businesses safely and securely protect their data.

Tape Automation
Reliable, scalable data protection systems ranging from autoloaders to midrange automation for small to medium businesses.

Removable Disk
The RDX® QuikStor™ removable disk storage system offers rugged, reliable and convenient storage for backup, archive, data interchange and disaster recovery.

The RDX® QuikStation™ is a multi-drive, network-attached removable disk library based on industry-standard RDX technology, which combines the removability, durability and economy of tape with the random accessibility and performance of disk.

Hybrid Cloud Storage Solutions
We offer you a broad selection of Hybrid Cloud storage solutions. Starting with small SnapServer NAS-systems for SMB Private Cloud implementations, continuing with SnapScale clustered scale out storage solutions scalable in capacity and performance for Private and Public Cloud deployment and finally with SnapCloud we are offering Public Cloud storage at Microsoft® Azure.

Protect your data with Tandberg Data's complete range of media, including RDX, LTO, DAT, and SLR, known for their industry leading quality and reliability.

Data Protection Software
Utilizing RDX and AccuGuard technology, Tandberg Data's data protection software helps users prevent and recover from data loss.

With space becoming an increasingly critical issue in IT environments, Tandberg Data offers rack-mount enclosures, providing the perfect solution for rack-mounted backup to tape or removable disk.

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