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Tandberg Data’s RDX QuikStor Complements Cloud Data Integrity at
Children’s Day Nurseries

Supplementary data backup required to patch hole in SMB cloud

Dortmund, (Sept. 27, 2011): Tandberg Data, the global supplier of data protection solutions, announced today that it has deployed its RDX QuikStor removable disk-based solution in the Angmering Day Nurseries Ltd, who are using the solution to plug gaps in their cloud-based backup solution across three children’s day nurseries on the South Coast of England. With 120 spots for children and 45 practitioners, Angmering Day Nurseries must scrupulously and securely maintain all company information, including data on child development, staff files and general business and financial records.

Will Pointon, the Managing Director of the Angmering Day Nurseries said, “We provide the first steps in a child’s independence outside of the home and their ongoing care and development is our utmost priority. In an environment as tightly regulated as childcare, it’s important that we stay in total control of our data and the child’s. As with most small businesses, we do not have dedicated IT resources at each branch, so it’s down to the practitioners and the Nursery Managers to accurately record the progress of each child, whilst the management team secures staff and business information. Therefore, ease of use and robust data capture methods are essential in this environment.”

The Environment—into the SMB Cloud:

Within the company, there is one central server, 9 desktops, 3 laptops and 6 digital cameras all taking and recording essential information. In total, data volumes amount to around 120GB. Data is growing exponentially at around 40 percent year on year, as further technology and applications are embraced and as the business expands its child place allocation.

One server held at the Hove nursery acts as the central data store for essential business operating data. Child-related information is held on machines securely housed within each setting and all the other machines replicate their essential business operating data via email.

This provides the management team with a timed/dated and searchable record of all internal communications. In addition, the nurseries are all connected via Google Apps, selected 18 months ago, to offer the company communication and collaboration tools including online documents sharing so that learning environments and files can be shared across branches. This includes calendar sharing for staff planning and resourcing and Google ‘Cloud Connect’—the application that allows small businesses secure online backup into the cloud.

Will explains, "We were initially enticed to look at web-based, or cloud computing, due to the significant cost savings and productivity leaps we could make without having to maintain traditional networked hardware devices. Within our cloud-based environment, for a low annual fee, our business applications are delivered anywhere that has the Internet and are accessed via a web browser. The applications and resultant data are then stored centrally within the cloud, meaning that I am no longer concerned about providing IT support and securing individual devices, as our laptops, desktops and even iphones, are now viewed simply as extra portals to access data."

Holes in the Cloud Begin to Gather:

Like lots of small businesses without dedicated IT resource, Will appreciated that the notion of cloud computing and storage offered his business a distinct competitive edge; however, ongoing use across 18 months highlighted issues frequently referred to, and documented as, 'Holes in the Cloud'.

"At first it was more of an inconvenience, slight delays and taking just a few minutes to access services, upload and retrieve information. As time progressed and our data set grew larger, we noticed significant downtime periods of Google, one of which scaled into nine hours. That’s an entire nursery day, so we had no option but to switch back to the manual process, retrieving files from the direct-attached storage on the main server."

Like all cloud providers, Google strives to improve service levels as the web technology matures. One restriction outside of their control is that their service can only be as good as the supporting bandwidth pipe allows and with the present limited standard bandwidth available on the South Coast, data retrieval times are unlikely to significantly improve short term. Again, should the service provider fail, the nurseries would remain without data. Therefore it was becoming obvious that the nurseries needed a hybrid solution to capitalize on the cloud that would ultimately provide a watertight mix of web-based computing, but with fast, disk-based backup and retrieval of information locally.

Plugging the Cloud: Tandberg Data’s RDX QuikStor and AccuGuard Software

Will wanted to deploy a total ‘set and forget’ solution that was fast, rugged and ultra reliable. They found the bridge they were looking for with Tandberg Data’s RDX® QuikStor and 500GB cartridge -- a solution that combines the simplicity, speed and flexibility of direct-attached storage with the removability of tape storage. Will continues, "What we liked in testing was that it was extremely easy to implement and run—a total plug-and-play solution with automated, seamless backup and recovery, leaving us to focus on what we do best -- outstanding childcare."

The resultant Tandberg Data RDX QuikStor was in place by the beginning of 2011, and like all RDX® solutions, it comes with an easy-to-use software application, Tandberg Data’s AccuGuard, which provides 20:1 data deduplication engine designed to increase effective storage capacity. Data retrieval is simple and painless with AccuGuard's flexible file searching, drag-and-drop restore and point-in-time disaster recovery.

Now that the Tandberg Data RDX QuikStor is installed, the nurseries have the capability to simply restore from the RDX system in the event of server failure or cloud outage. The company feels able to confidently draw information from cloud applications onto the central server, so all business data is now entrusted to RDX technology. Will surmises, "The RDX system from Tandberg Data has given total peace of mind that we are now operating with the best of all technologies but at a great price point per GB. Indeed we cannot operate within OFSTED guidelines without permanent and easy access to all the vital information about the children in our care, so being able to demonstrate full compliance, with little ongoing effort, is significant."

And at the end of each day, the RDX cartridges are seamlessly slipped into the managing director’s briefcase and transported home; their ruggedized casing withstanding all vibrations, movement and rough handling for at least the next ten years. Retrieval is fully automated and seamless. "Tandberg Data’s AccuGuard just kicks in and does it all for us - to say data retrieval is lightning fast is an understatement; it’s there, each and every time, instantaneously. Through the combination of Google Apps and the Tandberg Data RDX QuikStor, we have achieved the ultimate hybrid solution that plugs every hole that cloud computing currently presents to small businesses like ours," Will concludes.

For further information please contact:
Susan Merriman
Global Corporate Marketing Manager
Tel.: (303) 417-7110
Email: smerriman(at)tandbergdata.com

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RDX QuikStor Complements Cloud Data Integrity at Children’s Day Nurseries

Supplementary data backup required to patch hole in SMB cloud

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