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Compliant Archiving


rdxLOCK is a software solution from Tandberg Data that enables RDX® WORM Media to be used as a storage device for regulatory compliance archiving (WORM), where data must not be deleted or overwritten.

Visit our rdxLOCK Website

New RDX® QuikStation™ 8 iSCSI
Removable Disk Appliance

The new RDX QuikStation 8 removable disk appliance is the successor of the proven RDX QuikStation. QuikStation 8 offers volume spanning to overcome capacity limitations, fault tolerance of either 1 or 2 RDX media for high availability and fast access with up to 1000MB/s with 10GbE.

Visit our RDX QuikStation 8 Webpage


RDX® QuikStor™ Drives with
SATA III Interface available

We are pleased to announce a new member of our RDX Storage Product-Family, RDX QuikStor internal SATA III. RDX QuikStor SATA III is the fastest RDX drive available on the market today; with a R/W speed of up to 330 MB/s it is 7 times faster than its predecessor.

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QuikStation™ 4 receives Innovation Award

The German SMB initiative bestows the IT
Innovation Award 2016 to special innovative IT-solutions with high value for small and medium businesses. The iSCSI network-attached removable disk array QuikStation 4 has been awarded with predicate “Best of 2016”.

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LTO-7 Tape-Technology

All of our NEO Tape-Libraries and stand alone Tape Drives are available with the new LTO-7 tape-technology. LTO-7 offers a native capacity of 6TB and maximum throughput of 300MB/s. The compression rate is 2.5:1.   

Visit our LTO-7 Webpage, the Mediawebsite and the Websites of our tape libraries.

Download the LTO Drive Datasheet and the  LTO Media Datasheet.


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