RDX® Provides Greater Windows Compatibility

RDX Provides Greater Windows Compatibility
Hugo Bergmann, RDX Product Manager, Tandberg Data
May 8, 2013

Tandberg Data recently introduced a new device operation mode for RDX technology. With this new development, we have further enhanced RDX as a backup standard for small and medium-sized businesses.

Did you know that since the launch of Microsoft Windows 2008, tape drive/removable media support for Windows has been removed?

The new RDX operation mode now makes RDX technology available for the Windows backup user community. Customers with aging DAT tape drives as well as external USB disk backup will now benefit from installing RDX systems. They can easily replace their outdated data storage products and transition to the new operating system and use Windows backup.

In addition to integrating with Windows backup, the Tandberg Data RDX system also runs on Linux-based NAS (network-attached storage) systems. NAS systems have become a standard for businesses, and NAS users will benefit from our RDX systems with USB 3.0 as a backup target.

Please join us for our upcoming global RDX webinar series and learn more about the new RDX operation mode which is unique to Tandberg Data USB 3.0 RDX drives.

Click here to view the RDX webinar schedule and register to attend.



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