Tandberg Data is Looking Out for your Data in the Cloud

Tandberg Data is Looking Out for your Data in the Cloud
Ted Oade, Director of Product Management and Marketing, Tandberg Data
October 11, 2013

A few months ago, I blogged about Dropbox cloud-based file sharing and the struggle that IT managers often face in creating an appropriate policy to secure and protect their company's data without impeding employee productivity. I also mentioned how incredibly popular Dropbox has become.

Spiceworks recently surveyed 500 IT pros from small and medium-sized organizations and found that Dropbox is the most popular cloud-based file sharing solution by a long shot: 93% of employees are actively using it. Furthermore, about 40% of those IT pros indicate they have selected or plan to select Dropbox as their preferred cloud-based file sharing service. However, the big question remains—what is the best way to protect and manage those digital corporate assets?

This is where Tandberg Data has been working overtime to help your business. In April, we introduced the BizNAS network-attached storage appliance. BizNAS is the world’s first NAS that also doubles as a Dropbox management and disaster recovery appliance. BizNAS can back up all of your Dropbox data to fixed disk or removable RDX® disk; manage permissions across users; and restore files that have been accidentally or intentionally deleted.

Best of all, if access to Dropbox becomes an issue, users can still get their data because it is continuously synchronized on the BizNAS. You can learn more about these unique capabilities here.



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