LTO-6 is on its Way

LTO-6 is on its Way

Simon Anderson, Product Marketing Manager, Tape Products, Tandberg Data

The Linear Tape-Open (LTO) Program Technology Provider Companies (TPCs) recently announced the availability of licenses for the LTO Ultrium Generation 6 format. Although the LTO Ultrium Generation 6 format is still in development, the general release of hardware and media should occur early 2013.

LTO-6 capacity will increase from LTO-5 by 67% to 2.5TB native and performance will increase by 14% to 160MB/sec. LTO-6 tape products will incorporate a larger compression engine offering 2.5:1 compression, increasing the compressed capacity to 6.25TB. LTO-6 tape products will be write/read backward compatible with LTO-5, and will be read backward compatible with LTO-4. LTO-6 tape products will also continue to support 256-bit AES encryption, WORM and LTFS.

Although LTO-6 will be offered in standalone and automation configurations, greater than 80% of products sold during the first two years will be sold in automation configurations. At this moment in time the storage capacities of LTO-4 and LTO-5 are sufficient for most standalone tape users. Additionally standalone users are price sensitive and, as with previous generations standalone users, are unlikely to move to LTO-6 until the media cost per gigabyte falls below that of the previous generation.

Organisations throughout the world are struggling to manage growing data capacities, increasing compliance regulations and spiraling storage costs. The pending release of LTO-6 is further evidence of the continued development in tape and reinforces the important role that tape plays in the data center today and tomorrow.



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