Data Protection Software

Software for Compliance and Encryption

rdx®LOCK WORM Software

The Windows®-based software rdxLOCK enables WORM functionality and manages read-/write-access on RDX WORM media. rdxLOCK is tranparent for archiving applications and document management solutions and can be deployed in existing installations. Even files that are copied to the media via drag and drop are secured immediately by the WORM functionality.

RDX® Cartridge Encryption

Tandberg Data RDX Cartridge Encryptor (RCE) is a free Windows-based encryption software that allows users to integrate encryption on RDX cartridges. RCE is compatible with all past and future RDX docks, and all brands and generations of RDX cartridges. RCE can be used with existing software solutions.

RDX® Utility for Windows

RDX Utility for Windows is free software from Tandberg Data that allows Windows users to extend value with Tandberg Data RDX removable storage. RDX Utility provides options to optimize RDX for specific storage requirements and incorporates compatibility with the latest windows and windows utilities.

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