Tandberg Data’s BizNAS family of self-protecting, network-attached storage (NAS) appliances provide fast and easy deployment of 1TB to 16TB of expandable, fault-tolerant storage for file sharing, server virtualization, disaster recovery, and data protection.

Built for Value, Reliability, Simplicity, and Ease of Use

Network-attached Storage Appliance

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In an overly complex world, simplicity is a true feat of engineering. The BizNAS is designed from the ground-up to be remarkably uncluttered, yet fully capable. A clean user interface streamlines all NAS functions so IT administrators can get back to more pressing matters. Remote management and control is available via any web-accessible device, and an embedded help utility stands ready to dispense concise and thoughtful guidance at a moment’s notice. Initial setup is dramatically simplified with Tandberg Data’s exclusive web-based BizNAS finder service, The BizNAS will even help you decide and implement which of its available RAID configurations best meets your specific needs for capacity, performance and fault-tolerance.

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BizNAS Configurations

Built-in Data Protection Using Cloud, Disk, RDX, or Another BizNAS

The BizNAS provides a unique set of built-in data protection and disaster recovery tools that work with cloud, externally-attached disk, network disk, another BizNAS, and direct-attached RDX—the world’s favorite removable disk cartridge technology. In addition to protecting shared data on the network, the BizNAS safeguards its own operating system and configuration settings for a complete disaster recovery solution.

Tandberg Data BizNAS network attached storage NAS appliance Because the BizNAS is uniquely aware of RDX removable storage, it has the intelligence to manage the RDX eject process for streamlined operations and visual user feedback. The tools to manage these capabilities are simple and intuitive including the powerful on-board file manager that facilitates move, copy, and sync between any storage that is directly-attached or accessible via the network.


  Tandberg Data BizNAS network attached storage NAS appliance Tandberg Data BizNAS network attached storage NAS appliance
Model BizNAS D400 BizNAS D408 BizNAS R400 BizNAS R408
Part No. 5000-NAS 5001-NAS 5100-NAS 5101-NAS
Configuration Desktop, 0TB Desktop, 8TB 1U, 0TB 1U, 8TB
Description D400 Desktop, Driveless/0TB D408 Desktop, 4x2TB HDD, 8TB R400, 1U Driveless/0TB R408, 1U, 4x2TB HDD, 8TB


Compatible with Windows®, Mac®, Linux®, and Includes iSCSI for Virtualization

The BizNAS integrates seamlessly into Ethernet-based networks for easy and secure file sharing among Windows, Mac and Linux users. The web-based BizNAS Information Center facilitates permission management with support for Access Control Lists (ACL) and full integration into Windows Active Directory domains. In addition to supporting CIFS, AFP, and NFS file sharing protocols, the BizNAS simultaneously supports iSCSI making it an ideal storage solution for mixed-use and virtualized environments.

A Growing Family

The BizNAS is available in four different configurations, each with four bays, with or without pre-installed disk drives. Units without pre-installed disks can accommodate a wide range of popular 2.5” and 3.5” HDDs with capacities ranging from 1TB to 4TB.

Automatic Future Proofing

Tandberg Data is constantly delivering improvements and feature upgrades to the BizNAS platform. With access to the internet, the BizNAS will alert the user when software updates are available and request permission to initiate the installation process. If internet access is not directly available to the BizNAS, manual updates are always available at

Centralize and Protect Dropbox Cloud Storage

The BizNAS can synchronize data, centralize access, and protect multiple accounts of Dropbox, the rapidly-growing cloud-based file storage and sharing service. IT managers now have the power to control Dropbox traffic by establishing BizNAS as the sole Dropbox access point inside the corporate firewall. As a safeguard against unavailability or compromised data, BizNAS will automatically and economically back up Dropbox data without impacting Dropbox storage quotas. The BizNAS also keeps IT personnel aware and in-control by logging Dropbox-related events and issuing real-time alerts.

An Open System

BizNAS is an open system built on Debian Linux, which offers an unlimited world of customization and open-source applications to Linux aficionados and system integrators.

World-Class Service & Support

If you need help, Tandberg Data’s technical experts are ready wherever in the world you happen to be. And if your BizNAS needs repair, we will ship a replacement right away through our advanced replacement service (where available).

Tandberg Data BizNAS network attached storage NAS appliance

Key Features & benefits
Built for Professional Applications - Industrial-grade hardware, robust software, and solid performance for maximum usability and longevity
Resilience - Hot-swappable disks and multiple RAID choices for optimum capacity, fault-tolerance, performance, expandability, and migration
Built-In Data Protection & Disaster Recovery Tools - Protect and recover BizNAS storage and its operating system, plus any shared data on the network using cloud, disk, another BizNAS, or RDX® removable disk technology
High-Performance Architecture - An Intel Dual-Core Processor, Dual GbE LAN Interfaces, and USB 3.0 deliver solid responsiveness
Easy to Manage & Use via BizNAS Information Center - Powerful-yet-simple web-based  user interface provides remote control and administration without unnecessary clutter
Cross-Platform Compatibility - Share data across Windows®, Mac®, Linux®, and iSCSI, as well as iOS®, Android and Blackberry® via Dropbox or client app
iSCSI Block-Level Storage - Fast, flexible, and secure storage, ideal for virtualized servers
Dropbox Gateway - Centralize, monitor, and protect Dropbox cloud storage accounts in real time. Learn how your data is secured in the Dropbox cloud here.
Open System - Built on Debian® Linux for infinite customization by Linux aficionados and system integrators


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