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Removable HDD for Back-up and Recovery:
Selecting the Best Technology

By Macarthur Stroud Intl.
Businesses expose themselves unnecessarily by not ensuring that back-up and recovery routines are completed in full, in a timely fashion. When selecting the best solution to support the requirements of small and medium size businesses, there are several factors that must be considered.
Technology Advantages of the RDX QuikStor This white paper explores the benefits of a new portable disk based technology, RDX QuikStor, which successfully and cost-effectively matches and surpasses tape in all of its key aspects AND provides the backup and retrieval performance of random access disk with 99.999% reliability. The RDX QuikStor solution is the only viable removable backup technology for high-capacity desktops and low-end servers.
SMB Storage Gets Personal This white paper discusses the storage needs of SMBs, which are similar to those of large corporations, but addresses the fact that the storage solutions must be completely different. Faced with multiple options, SMBs must have an appropriate strategy and the proper technology in place to address these needs. Fortunately, storage technology that was once affordable only to larger enterprises is now readily available to the SMB market and even the small office/home office (SOHO) market. This development of "personal storage" as the key component of an overall data storage solution can enable SMBs to simultaneously establish practical and highly effective backup and archival practices.
RDX Performance This whitepaper is intended to address performance issues related to installation and usage of RDX® removable storage systems. Topics discussed in this white paper include:

Host system performance considerations: An overview of performance impacts of host system configuration, including hardware and software configuration.

Performance benchmarks: Industry standard benchmarks used to validate system and RDX performance

RDX Cartridge performance considerations: An overview of the RDX Cartridge and an understanding of performance related aspects.

RDX interconnect performance considerations: An overview of interconnect related issues (USB/SATA) and possible performance impacts.


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