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Protect your data against cyber-attacks with the RansomBlock feature of rdxLOCK software.

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What's New

RDX® - Rugged, Reliable, Removable, Secure  

With the new PowerEncrypt hardware-encryption feature for RDX QuikStor SATA III drives, your data is secured against unauthorized access at any time. Click on the picture, and learn more about the ruggedized and security features in our short video.










RDX TENCASE  is the ideal solution for transportation and long-term safe-keeping of up to 10 RDX media. RDX TENCASE is a rugged case, which withstands drops, dust and harsh environments. It is waterresistant and can be secured with two padlocks for theft-protection of critical data.


RDX® QuikStation™ 8
Deployment at
Becker Chemie GmbH

As a result of the company’s growth and the increasing requirements on its IT systems, Becker Chemie urgently needed to optimise its data security infrastructure and its backup and restore strategy in terms of capacity and performance.

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LANline tests
RDX® QuikStation™ 8

The German IT magazine LANline tested our
RDX QuikStation 8 removable disk appliance and assigned consistently good ratings!

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