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To make sure you'll always have full functionality and best performance of your device we strongly recommend to use the latest firmware version for your product. The current firmware you'll find on our drivers and downloads pages. Simply select your device in the dropdown menu and click "firmware".

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Our checklist contains suggestions to follow prior to contacting Technical Support. It's quite possible that your issue may be resolved by checking these items.

Online Support
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Telephone Support
A Universal International Freephone Number (UIFN) is available in most countries. The UIFN is a free call service for customers to contact Overland-Tandberg Support by telephone.

Calling from Service Type Contact Information Carrier
Australia UIFN 0011 800 826 323 74 (Toll free) Optus & Reach (Telstra)
Bahrain IDD Call +971 4368 0245  
China Local call 400-922-2113 (Local call from anywhere in China) Accessible from all fixed-line and mobile phones in China.
Hong Kong UIFN 001 800 826 323 74 (Toll free) Reach HK
India Domestic Toll-free 1800 120 6542 (Toll free)  
Indonesia Local call (+62) 21 66672760  
Kuwait IDD Call +971 4368 0245  
Malaysia UIFN 00 800 826 323 74 (Toll free) Telekom Malaysia Berhad
New Zealand UIFN 00 800 826 323 74 (Toll free) Telecom NZ
Oman IDD Call +971 4368 0245  
Philippines UIFN 00 800 826 323 74 (Toll free) PLDT
Qatar IDD Call +971 4368 0245  
Saudi Arabia IDD Call +971 4368 0245  
Singapore UIFN 001 800 826 323 74 (Toll free) SingTel (Non SingTel customers are advised to subscribe to SingTel 001 or use the CALL ME BACK link on the support webpage)
Taiwan UIFN 00 800 826 323 74 (Toll free) Chunghwa Telecom
Thailand UIFN 001 800 826 323 74 (Toll free) CAT Telecom
UAE Domestic 800 826 323 74 (Toll free)  
Others IDD +49 231 5436142 Overland-Tandberg Asia

When calling for support using the Universal International Freephone Number (UIFN) or International Direct Dial (IDD) number there is a greeting, then follow this sequence to be connected to a Support Engineer.


  • Choose your language – press "1" for English.
  • Select the relevant option
    1. Press "1" if your device is covered by Secure Care Onsite Service Contract. Have you Service Contract reference number ready to provide to the technician,
    2. Press "2" if your device is not covered by Secure Care Onsite Service Contract and you require technical support.

If you do not wish to make an IDD call, or you do not have access to a UIFN, press the Call Me Back button at the right panel of this page to request a call back from Overland-Tandberg support.

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