rdxLOCK WORM Software

Software for Regulatory Compliance Archiving and Ransomware Protection

is a software solution that enables RDX® WORM media to be used as a storage device for regulatory compliance archiving (WORM), where data must not be deleted or overwritten, or for ransomware protection (RansomBlock), which secures backups against virus and ransomware attacks and ensures full recovery in case of infected data and blocked computer systems. Initially, users must decide, whichever functionality should be implemented for a specific media. By utilising multiple media, users can mix WORM, RansomBlock and standard RDX media according to their needs.

The software itself is downloadable for free and provides a 60-day trial of the full functionality* for new and existing RDX media. RDX WORM media include a software license linked to this RDX media and capacity for everlasting usage.

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RDX Technology Overview

RDX technology is an economical and easy-to-use removable disk-based storage system for small and medium-sized businesses. The technology combines the best of tape—reliability, portability, long archive life and low cost with the best of disk—speed, random access and ease of use.

The Tandberg Data RDX® QuikStor stores data in minutes rather than hours, and allows users to search files randomly and retrieve data in milliseconds. The RDX QuikStor is compatible with common file systems and backup applications.

Today’s RDX-based solutions include single dock systems and RDX® QuikStation™ 8 and RDX® QuikStation™ 4 disk appliances. RDX systems are used by organizations for data storage, backup, archive, disaster recovery and cloud seeding, among other applications.


*Data will not be accessible after 60 days unless a valid RDX WORM media with license will be purchased and installed

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