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Tandberg Data introduces StorageLibrary T40+

MacOS optimized scalable StorageLibrary T40+ offers flexible and cost effective backup and archiving for medium to large enterprise environments

Oslo Norway, (14 January, 2008): Tandberg Data, the global supplier of backup and archiving solutions, today introduced the StorageLibrary T40+, a scalable tape library allowing users to stack up to five T40+ libraries together, offering from 24 to 188 slots, with capacities ranging from 9.6TB to 150TB (native). The StorageLibrary T40+ offers a choice of LTO-3 and LTO-4 drives and offers a host of management features.

The Tandberg StorageLibrary T40+ combines high capacity and performance in scalable 4U form factor. The Tandberg StorageLibrary T40+ offers outstanding value for IT departments that need to perform large, unattended backups, and who require flexibility, reliability and a future proof technology. With flexible capacity, performance and support for LVD SCSI, Native Fibre Channel and SAS connectivity, the StorageLibrary T40+ is suited to fit in most midrange and enterprise storage environments. MacOS certified with Atempo Time Navigator, BakBone NetVault, EMC Retrospect and TOLIS Group BRU Server 1.2, the StorageLibrary T40+ is an ideal solution for Mac Environments.

"The StorageLibrary T40+ provides Apple customers higher levels of data protection with enterprise features such as redundant power supplies with load balancing, SNMP notification and the ability to add capacity on demand", says Bharat Kumar, Vice President of Marketing and Development at Tandberg Data. "This new addition to our family of products, certified for Mac OS X, reinforces Tandberg Data's ongoing commitment to Apple and its customers."

"The 20 to 100 slot LTO tape library segment is the growing segment in the tape automation market," says Hamish Macarthur from Macarthur Stroud International. "Tandberg Data's range of tape backup and archiving solutions for the SMB market is strengthened by the StorageLibrary T40+, providing high capacity and performance, combined with the required features, to the larger, demanding SMB user."

Flexible Scalability

Exponential data growth, government mandated retention policies and 24X7 data access has fuelled the need for high capacity, enterprise-level data protection solutions for large enterprises as well as for medium-sized businesses. Where budgets can limit the initial backup and archiving investment, scalable solutions allow customers to extend their backup solution as requirements grow.

The Tandberg StorageLibrary T40+ offers compressed capacities from 19.2TB to 300TB and performance up to 8.6TB/hr (compressed). The Capacity on Demand (COD) feature allows users to easily increase usable capacity as their backup requirements grow. The Performance on Demand (POD) feature allows users to add up to 10 full height LTO drives. Users can add additional drives or upgrade to the next generation LTO drive to increase their library's performance and capacity when they need it.

Ease of management

The StorageLibrary T40 has a host of management and maintenance features, ensuring minimized down-time and ease of management. Using the browser based remote management interface, administrators can remotely monitor, control, configure and diagnose the StorageLibrary T40+ via the Internet from anywhere in the world. The StorageLibrary T40+ can automatically send an email notification if something is wrong with the library, and it supports SNMP - which will immediately send information on any error situation that occurs, to the host.

The StorageLibrary T40+ offers WORM (write once read many) and Encryption (LTO-4 only) for enhanced data protection and regulatory compliance.

Pricing and Availability

The StorageLibrary T40+ will be available in February 2007, through Tandberg Data's established channel of distribution and reseller partners. The manufacturer suggested retail price (MSRP) starts at $10 495 (24 slots), includes 1 year Advanced Replacement Service (on component level only) and a 3 year factory warranty. To secure maximum data protection, additional on-site Service and Support options are available.


For further information please contact:
Marije Stijnen
Corporate Marketing Manager
Tandberg Data
Tel.: +44 (0)7909 90 60 12
Email: marije.stijnen(at)

About Tandberg Data

Tandberg Data is a leading global supplier of data protection solutions for the SMB. Tandberg Data offers a wide selection of business-grade storage solutions, ranging from disk-based appliances, such as the RDX QuikStor™, the DPS1000 Series™ VTL and DPS2000™ Series NAS, to automated tape solutions like the Tandberg Data StorageLoader™ and StorageLibrary™ Series. Tandberg Data also offers tape drives, based on the LTO, DAT, SLR™, and VXA® tape technology platforms, and media. Tandberg Data solutions are supported by AccuGuard, a robust, easy-to-use deduplication software. All solutions are supported through a worldwide service and support network, recognised globally for its outstanding levels of service. In addition to the standard warranty and support offerings, on-site service upgrades provide Tandberg Data customers with further peace of mind.

Tandberg Data products are supported by all major operating systems and software applications to successfully integrate and operate in heterogeneous storage environments. All solutions are designed to meet the growing storage requirements of small and medium-sized organizations with scalability, reliability, and backward compatibility features that ensure cost-effective operation and  long-term investment protection.

Tandberg Data markets its solutions exclusively through a global channel of qualified resellers and distributors. This channel model is supported by OEM agreements with major server manufacturers including Apple, Fujitsu, Fujitsu Technology Solutions, HP, Hitachi, IBM, and NEC.

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