Veeam Backup & Replication and BizNAS™ and RDX®

Tandberg Data BizNAS™

Tandberg Data’s BizNAS family of self-protecting, network-attached storage (NAS) appliances provide fast and easy deployment of 1TB to 16TB of expandable, fault-tolerant storage for file sharing, server virtualization, disaster recovery, and data protection. A clean user interface streamlines all NAS functions so IT administrators can get back to more pressing matters. Remote management and control is available via any web-accessible device, and an embedded help utility stands ready to dispense concise and thoughtful guidance at a moment’s notice. Initial setup is dramatically simplified with Tandberg Data’s exclusive web-based BizNAS finder service,

RDX® QuikStor™

The RDX QuikStor media-based removable storage system offers rugged, reliable and convenient storage for backup, archive, data interchange and disaster recovery. It provides enterprise performance and fast access, with transfer rates up to 650GB/hr and is available with up to 2TB per media. RDX QuikStor combines the portability and reliability of tape-based backup with the speed and simplicity of a hard drive. Drives are tough, and media are shockproof and rugged enough to last for over 10 years—knocks and drops don't mean lost data. Plus your valuable data can be protected through encryption, ensuring complete peace of mind.

Use BizNAS and a primary backup repository and RDX as the second backup repository

As a network attached storage device, BizNAS integrates ideally into virtual environments. BizNAS can be easily implemented as a primary backup-repository for backup to disk. But also think about any disaster which could happen to your datacentre. Always keep a copy of your backup offsite to build the last line of defence. RDX QuikStor can be directly attached to BizNAS via USB 3.0. For Veeam Backup & Replication it appears as an additional drive of BizNAS, so it can be addressed as a backup target for the copy job. Because RDX is a removable device, its media will be stored off-site after performing the backup copy job to complete the disaster recovery scenario.

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To learn more, download the PDFs below:

Solutions Brief: BizNAS and RDX QuikStor for Veeam Backup and Replication (Coming Soon)
Integration Brief: BizNAS and RDX QuikStor for Veeam Backup and Replication


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