RDX: An Evolution in Storage Technology Innovation for the SMB

             Hugo Bergmann, Overland Tandberg Storage Group

Tandberg Data has been a leader in back up storage solutions with its RDX® technology for more than a decade. Let’s take a look back on the milestones and significant achievements it took to achieve this decade of sucess.  

Most recently, Tandberg Data announced the newest generation of media cartridges with a capacity of 4 TB, for a potential total storage capacity of 32 TB in the RDX QuikStation™ 8. This high volume of media opens new possibilities for RDX technology besides the classic data backup and archive use cases. These cartridges make them attractive for use in broadcast and post production environments. A freelance journalist collecting or a documentarian collecting footage for their latest project can benefit from RDX technology. The RDX cartridges are tested for rugged applications and are designged to  survive drops from a height of one meter to land on concrete. RDX is for people on the go who need quick back up and lots of storage for their projects.

Tandberg Data has been the driving force behind RDX innovation and I’m excited to share some of the RDX team’s important milestones and achievements over the past 10 years:

Oct 2006: Tandberg Data ships revolutionary removable disk based backup device for SMEs and professional power users. The RDX QuikStor initial cartridges range in capacity from 40 GB, 80 GB and 120 GB.

Dec 2008: Shipments of RDX QuikStor drives surpass 100,000, since the 2007 launch. At this point in time Tandberg Data has shipped more than 100,000 RDX drives and over 300,000 cartridges, protecting 40 petabytes of data.

July 2010: Tandberg Data co-founds the RDX Storage Alliance with OEM partners like BDT, Dell, Fujitsu, Hitachi, HP, IBM, Imation, Maxell, and NEC.

Jan 2011: Tandberg Data ships the industry’s first removable disk library for SMB and SME data protection. The multi-cartridge RDX QuikStation blends the removability, durability and economy of tape with the random access, performance and reliability of disk.

May 2011: Tandberg Data is the new owner of RDX Technology having acquired the RDX business from ProStor Systems and introduces the first RDX cartridges with WORM functionality. RDX is named the “2011 Storage Networking Product of the Year Award” and Tandberg Data establishes itself as the market leader in the removable disk market.

Sept 2012: Tandberg Data hits a major milestone with the shipment of 1.5 million RDX removable disk cartridges worldwide.

Dec 2014: Tandberg Data’s shipped capacity of RDX QuikStor increased 42 percent from 2013 to 2014. With over 2.2 million RDX media and over 650,000 RDX removable drives shipped worldwide, RDX is the solution of choice for backup and archiving for small-to-medium enterprises worldwide.

Nov 2015: Tandberg Data’s new RDX+ purpose-built appliance reduces data backup windows by 30 percent and data center footprint by 50 percent.

Sept 2016: Tandberg Data releases the RDX QuikStation 8, delivering increased speed, higher storage capacity and ease of use with unmatched flexibility.

January 2017: Tandberg Data celebrates its 10th anniversary of RDX with more than four million RDX media units sold worldwide.

RDX technology continues to grow and improve thanks to innovation and loyalty from our customers. There is lots more coming from the RDX family in terms of security and Cloud storage. It’s exciting to celebrate 10 years of RDX! Please stay tuned for more RDX news.





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