RDX Filling the Requirements for SMB Backup

Randy Kerns, Senior Strategist at Evaluator Group

Technology changes over time and the operational workflows for companies change as well. Data protection is one area that is a constant in that the requirements to protect data will continue. What is changing is the method for protecting information. The current workflows used by many in performing backups are unsustainable given the increase in the amount of data and the operational cost increases. New approaches using backup to disk and remote replication to create the protected data copies are more prevalent now and continue to be improved with new technologies introduced.

What has not changed is the requirement for most organizations to have retained backups or copies of information that can be removed to a safe place, outside of the data center. True physical vaulting of copies of information is still a requirement and must be addressed even with the other data protection technology changes. The RDX removable disk technology is a new technology answer to meeting the removable storage requirement for protection of data. Available from different vendors, the RDX is an ideal choice for protected copies of information that needs to be retained for long periods of time. The RDX disk cartridges and the RDX USB-3 docks can be used to store information for years and still be able to connect the dock and read the cartridges.

The requirements for removable storage have not gone away and if anything, have proven to be necessary for true protection in disaster situations. The performance of disk with USB-3 speed and the random access of disk provide technology advances over previous removable solutions. And, the capacity increases with the RDX disk cartridges continue to track the overall disk capacity increases. RDX cartridges are also offered with Solid State Devices for greater speed and durability. As that technology continues to advance, the RDX removable technology follows.

In addition to the removable data protection, the RDX technology continues to be used as a primary interchange technology. Distributing large amounts of data to remote locations is more practical and economic with RDX than many other alternatives.

RDX is a modern technology that is well suited to meet requirements for removable storage. The requirements will persist even though other protection methods are in place. It is another tool in the storage professional’s arsenal to meet requirements for protection and data interchange.





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