The Last Line of Defense

Simon Anderson, Product Marketing Manager, Tape Products, Tandberg Data

Tape is the last line of defense in an organisation's data protection strategy, but as I explained in my blog last week, tape can significantly reduce data storage costs and is the only viable long-term solution for managing data growth. It's also important to note that Google is the largest tape customer in the world and, within the last 12 months, EMC has reversed its “no tape” decision and is now one of the largest sellers of tape.

Did you know that Tandberg Data is the only tape vendor focused on the SMB market, providing excellence in service and support and the best value for SMBs? Tandberg Data is also an active member of the Tape Storage Council, a newly formed consortium of tape vendors created to communicate the benefits of tape and dispel the mistruths surrounding tape technology. This week, in fact, Tandberg Data, will be presenting at the European Tape Summit at Power the Cloud (formerly SNW) in Frankfurt.

Tape continues to advance and evolve, offering increased capacity, performance, reliability and new features. Before the end of the year, Tandberg Data will announce the release of its new LTO-6 tape drive and tape automation solutions, heralding a new tape dawn.





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