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Business Continuity ...Plus!

Protect your Digital Assets and Keep your
Business Running Smoothly!

A solid and well thought out business continuity plan can make the difference in recovering after an episodic event. Due to the current social and health concerns people working from home. Technology affords businesses great flexibility to work remotely. With this growing trend, businesses must change the way they implement business continuity, maintain the security and control of digital assets at all times.

Join our webinar and learn how to offer your customers an effective solution for Business Continuity.

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31st of March 2020 10:00 AM CET Click here to register
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Past Webinars:

Bullet-proof business protection with Veeam and RDX QuikStation

Join our webinar to learn how to protect your critical business data in your virtual environments using Overland-Tandberg™’s RDX® QuikStation® removable disk appliance and Veeam’s Backup & Replication backup solution. We will provide a live demonstration and interactive discussion that covers the following:

  • Key Use-Cases for RDX QuikStation
  • How to integrate RDX QuikStation into Veeam Backup & Replication and configuration of media rotation
  • Additional Protection for Ransomware with RDX RansomBlock and how to use it with Veeam
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27th of November 2018 Click here to start
27th of November 2018 Click here to start
27th of November 2018 Click here to start
28th of November 2018 Click here to start


Security with RDX

Complete data security involves protecting digital data from data loss and destructive forces such as natural disasters, and invasive actions of unauthorised users such as cyber-attacks or data breaches.

The latest government regulatory compliance rules require all businesses to implement reliable and secure solutions. This affects every business regardless of size, and in parallel continuity of each organisations IT solution is expected.

Data not only needs to be built and managed professionally, but also requires the appropriate levels of
protection. Overland-Tandberg offers various platforms and solutions to help with these emerging challenges
for business customers.

In our webinar, we will guide you on how to be compliant, and how to implement business continuity solutions using our very popular RDX technology. RDX technology includes features such as hardware ready encryption, WORM solutions, and Crypto-Locker protection, and is also perfect for offsite backup.

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26th of September 2018 Click here to start
26th of September 2018 Click here to start
26th of September 2018 Click here to start


PowerEncrypt - Data Encryption with RDX

There is an ever-growing need for data security and privacy in our personal live but also for business. One example here is GDPR with will be effective 25th May 2018 will secure data privacy for European citizen. It will not only for businesses in Europe, it will affect all businesses world-wide using the internet and cloud for businesses.

RDX PowerEncrypt for SATA III elevates data encryption to a new level to ensure data privacy and data access for
authorized users. This webinar covers:

  • Why is it important to encrypt data
  • Benefits of Hardware encryption vs. Software encryption
  • Is it possible to break in encrypted data?
  • What’s unique about RDX PowerEncrypt?
  • RDX encryption security aspects
  • Protection from “Brute-Force” or “Dictionary Attacks”
  • Multi-Password and data access permission management
  • RDX SATA III Hardware Encryption
  • Secure Data Deletion with hardware encryption
  • The new RDX Manager software
  • Live Demo
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19th of April 2018 Click here to start
19th of April 2018 Click here to start
19th of April 2018 Click here to start


Attractive archiving Solutions with Tandberg Data and Archiware

Long-term storage of important data is not the only purpose of archiving. It also provides a lot more benefits like saving expensive disk space or speeding up backup and restores.

In our webinar of approx. 30 minutes, you learn why archiving is so important for your daily data management tasks and how easy it is to implement an archiving solution with Archiware P5 Archive and our storage products. In addition, we will give you an overview of the amazing solution pricing including more features than you might expect.

A live demo will show you the fast installation of the software and give you some examples of various use cases.

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30th of November 2017 Click here to start
30th of November 2017 Click here to start
30th of November 2017 Click here to start


RDX WORM and RansomBlock

Ransomware has emerged as the most dangerous cyber threat for organisations. Almost every day, we read about new incidents in the news. Ransomware is a type of malicious software that blocks access to the victim‘s data until a ransom is paid. After a ransomware attack, system might be locked, or files are encrypted or inaccessible.

Ransomware attacks can also effect backup files even if they are stored on other systems. As soon as the ransomware has infected computer, it is able to spread amongst other systems through the network. Therefore, backups to NAS systems
or other computers are threatened as well.

In our webinar you learn how RansomBlock works and get knowledge of all its benefits:

  • Reliable protection against virus and ransomware attacks
  • Transparent backup application integration
  • Whitelist and blacklist capabilities for applications
  • Possibility to grant of deny individual tasks
  • Compatibility with Tandberg Data RDX QuikStor drives and RDX QuikStation disk appliances
  • 60-day trial of the full functionality
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11th of October 2017 Click here to start
11th of October 2017 Click here to start
11th of October 2017 Click here to start


Intelligent Video Surveillance Solutions with Tandberg Data and Mobotix

To protect public places and institutions, your properties, your stuff, or your business processes, video surveillance is becoming increasingly important.

Tandberg Data and Mobotix have developed a complete well-integrated Plug & Play solution, which ensures fast and easy installation. With pre-configured components from the factory, orderable through specific part numbers, deployment takes just a few steps. Starting with an entry-level bundle with 4 cameras up to big enterprise installation with more than a hundred cameras, the plug and play solution of Tandberg Data and Mobotix scales according business needs.

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17th of November Click here to start
17th of November Click here to start
17th of November Click here to start


Archiving made easy

Archiving data on tape makes sense in various areas: If you need to archive data because of compliance issues, if you want to store data offsite because of data protection reasons or if you need to free up valuable disks space to lower you operational costs. Tandberg Data/Overland Storage just introduced the availability of the newest LTO tape technology, LTO-7. It offers up to 6TB of archive capacity and 300MB/s transfer speed for fast archiving tasks.

P5 Archive from Archiware is one of the most easy to use solutions for file and media archive. Being platform as well as hardware agnostic makes it very flexible. The browser interface gives immediate insight what files have been archived. Browsing and finding files is made easy even if tapes might have been put off-site. The new P5 Archive App makes archiving extremely simple. A right-click is all it´s needed to send a file to the archive storage. A little archive link file connects back to
the server and the catalog including preview. Restore is again just a right-click.

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28th of July Click here to start
28th of July Click here to start


Integration von RDX QuikStor in QNAP NAS

QNAP NAS Systeme ermöglichen zeitgesteuerte Backups auf direkt angeschlossene RDX-Laufwerke, um kritische Daten außerhalb des Firmengebäudes auszulagern und so eine komplette Desaster Recovery Strategie umzusetzen.

Zwar bieten QNAP NAS Systeme Datenredundanz durch die RAID Technologie, doch sollten wichtige und unternehmenskritische Daten zusätzlich stets auf externen Wechselmedien gespeichert werden, um sie gegen menschliche Fehler oder Hardware-Defekte zu schützen.

Externe Medien wie USB-Sticks oder externe Festplatten, die nicht in erster Linie für Backup und Archivierung
gebaut wurden, sind bei weitem nicht so haltbar und zuverlässig wie das Wechselplattensystem RDX QuikStor.
Dieses bietet extrem robuste und zuverlässige Medien für eine höchst professionelle Backup-Strategie und kann
mit der USB3+-Technologie direkt an den USB3.0 Port eines QNAP NAS Systems angeschlossen werden.

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Disk – Tape – Cloud: Was passt am besten für Sie?

Eine gute Backup-Strategie ist der beste Schutz gegen Datenverlust. Experten von Tandberg Data und Veeam® werden Ihnen in unserem Webinar präsentieren, wie man eine geeignete Backup-Strategie für moderne virtualisierte IT-Umgebungen
findet und wie man diese mit Software von Veeam und Hardware von Tandberg Data realisiert.

Unsere Agenda:

  • Welche Backup-Strategien werden heutzutage üblicherweise eingesetzt?
  • Offsite Backup-Strategien
  • Disk – Tape – Cloud: Was passt am besten für Sie?
  • Hybrid Cloud Infrastruktur-Lösungen RDX SATAIII und RDX QuikStation 8
  • Erstellen von Veeam Backup-Jobs und Sicherstellen einer Rund-um-die-Uhr-Verfügbarkeit (24.7.365) Ihrer Daten
  • Beispiele aus der Praxis und Live Demo
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5. Juli Klicken Sie hier, um die Aufzeichnung zu starten


The fastest RDX products ever

Learn more about the fastest RDX products ever, the new QuikStor SATA III and our new, fastest and most universal RDX QuikStation 8 removable disk appliance. Both new product innovations are ideally suited for backup in virtual environments and we'll complete the presentation with a live Demo.

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1st of July Click here to start
1st of July Click here to start
1st of July Click here to start


Tandberg Data & Veritas - Solution Webinar

In our 1 hour webinar we'll show you how easy it is to build a professional backup solution for your IT infrastructure with Tandberg Data storage products and Veritas Backup Exec.
We'll demonstrate this with use-cases, examples and live-demos.

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8th of April Click here to start
8th of April Click here to start
11th of April Click here to start

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