RDX® Manager

The RDX Manager is a free software from Overland-Tandberg that offers data security and disaster recovery features to RDX systems and appliances. In addition, RDX Manager provides management, configuration and control of RDX systems.

Flexible Hybrid Cloud Data Protection

RDX Manager 3.0 continues to deliver business-grade, easy to use data management capabilities that focus on such business requirements as disaster recovery, security, and cloud services integration.

System Backup and Air Gap Safeguard for Business Continuity

RDX Manager provides full system backup of all applications and data. As there is no third party backup software is needed, this makes RDX an affordable business-grade data protection solution. By ejecting the media after backup has finished, backups are Air Gap protected against malware and ransomware attacks to ensure business continuity.

Bare Metal Restore for stress free Recovery

RDX Manager 3.0 allows users to create a bootable RDX media to quickly start and recover their laptop or desktop after a total system or hard disk crash from their RDX HDD or SSD removable drive cartridge. With this, users experience no more searching for CDs, struggling with software downloads, or waiting on hold with tech support.

Encryption and Password Protection

RDX Manager 3.0 provides AES-256 encryption for data stored on RDX cartridges for protection against hackers. Data cartridges can be protected with password security to avoid access of unauthorised personell.

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