WEEE Compliance Program

Tandberg Data is an environmentally conscious company. As such, Tandberg Data is fully compliant with the EU Directives concerning Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE). Tandberg Data’s compliance with this important directive is detailed below.

WEEE Directives
There are two documents that contain the WEEE requirements. These are WEEE Directive 2002-96-EC, and WEEE Directive 2003-108-EC. Copies can be found on the following links:




Marking of New Products
The WEEE directives require that all new product brought into the EU Member States be marked with the “Wheelie Bin” recycling logo. The effective date of this requirement was August 2005. As a part of our environmental commitment, Tandberg Data is in full compliance with this requirement.

A picture of the "Wheelie Bin" recycling logo is shown below. This mark is located on the part number sticker on new Tandberg Data products.

In addition, the WEEE directive requires that a mark shall be put on the product to specify that the product was put on the market after the WEEE implementation date of 13 August 2005. Tandberg Data uses two different marking methods to specify that the product was put on the market after 13 August 2005:

  1. There may be a date code on the label of the product, showing the manufacturing date;

  2. Or, there may be a solid bar underneath the “Wheelie Bin”, to specify that the product was put on the market after 13 August 2005 (see picture below).

As a part of our Environmental Commitment, and in support of our Distribution Partners and OEM Partners, as well as supporting the requirements of the WEEE Directive, Tandberg Data provides the necessary information for the reuse and treatment of WEEE as follows:

  1. The different EEE components and materials are marked on the component parts in accordance with industry common practices.

  2. There are currently no dangerous substances in any Tandberg Data products. If, at some point in the future, Tandberg Data products do contain any dangerous substances, their locations will be noted, in compliance with the WEEE Directive, at www.tandbergdata.com.

  3. Tandberg Data pays in advance for the treatment of all Tandberg Data branded product which we place on the market, in accordance with the WEEE Directive. Tandberg Data maintains agreements with various recyclers who in turn manage the recycling of these products.

For further information, please contact your local Tandberg Data sales office.

Tandberg Data reserves the right to update or change this information at any time.

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