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rdxLOCK WORM Feature

The rugged RDX WORM media fits perfectly into a large number of archiving applications for regulatory and compliance requirements, like enterprise content management and document management systems, where data must not be deleted or overwritten.

 fits in various applications

RDX WORM can be deployed in a variety of applications. Enterprise Content Management and Document Management Systems contain many documents, which have to be archived in an unchangeable manner for a certain period of time. In the medical arena, patient files, x-rays, billing information, surgery documentation and hospital records must be archived and safeguarded to comply with standard laws and practices. Also documentation, technical plans and audits have to be stored in a secure manner, as they could be used for investigation in case of an incident. RDX WORM is also important for voice and video recording as this data could be provided as proof in a court case. This also applies to data logging applications. In addition, small and medium-sized businesses can use RDX WORM to archive their tax-relevant data and accounting data for a certain amount of years for auditing purposes.


  • Provides WORM data protection on RDX media
  • Transparent archive application integration
  • Enhanced Security Mode, for additional protection
  • Verified Retention Clock, protects WORM data retention time on RDX media
  • Compatibility with Tandberg Data RDX QuikStor drives and RDX QuikStation disk arrays
  • Free download
  • 60-day trial of the full functionality*

Field of applications:

  • Document Management Systems (DMS)
  • Enterprise Content Management
  • Finance Data
  • Data Logging
  • Patient Files like PACS
  • Video and Voice recording
  • Documentation
*Data will not be accessible after 60 days unless a valid RDX WORM media with licence will be purchased and installed
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