NAS Storage Solutions

Built upon the award winning GuardianOS, our SnapServer™ familiy of NAS solution offer enterprise class management and data protection features, like high performance snapshots, integrated replication features, a build in backup routine for data protection on RDX® QuikStor™ as well as backup support for leading backup applications. Management functionalities include DyamicRAID for seamless storage expansion by adding or replacing hard drives as capacity requirements change. In addition, all SnapServer storage volumes can grow or shrink dynamically within the storage pool without IT intervention.

Overland Tandberg SnapServer products easily fit in various physical as well as virtual environments. In addition, our SnapCLOUD™ offerings are ideal for implementing cloud solution on Microsoft® Azure providing the same management and functionality as our SnapServer solutions. Because of the same look and feel, this makes it easy to combine physical and virtual storage implementations.


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SnapServer XSD 40

SnapServer XSR 40



SnapServer XSR 120

SnapServer Flash Array


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