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  • Full Backup for orders of Hendl

    Wienerwald, an Austrian restaurant chain known for its chicken specialties, relies on WS-IT, an IT service provider, for its all of its IT needs. With expanding amounts of data, the existing backup solution was no longer adequate for securing data that had previously been stored remotely. That is why the company chose to use an innovative, scalable technology instead of simply expanding their previous system. Tandberg Data's StorageLoader LTO-3 provided Wienerwald with both a robust, high capacity, high performance backup solution as well as on-site service.
  • Incarceration Alternatives Create Demand for Data Protection

    BI is the leading provider of community corrections technology and evidence based supervision services. Due to the nature of BI's business, its infrastructure and systems require 99.9 percent uptime. With business critical information as important as this and data volume continuing to grow, BI selected the StorageLibrary T24 for reliable and high-capacity automated data backup.
  • DULSCO LLC achieves reliable, fast, automated backups with the StorageLibrary T24 from Tandberg Data

    DULSCO, has a successful history spanning over seven decades of operations within the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and has been part of the impressive Emirate growth story. With an extensive and wide-ranging portfolio of services, DULSCO required a robust and encompassing IT infrastructure. After upgrading its IT infrastructure, DULSCO achieves reliable, fast, automated backups using the high capacity and performance of the Tandberg StorageLibrary T24.
  • Macarthur Anglican School Relies on Tandberg Data Safety Net

    Teaching staff, pupils and management at the thriving Macarthur Anglican School, in New South Wales, are pursuing their daily activities free from all doubts about the safety of data underlying their important work. This was not the case until recently, when the school installed a Tandberg Data StorageLibrary T24 tape library to store and back up all their important projects.
  • Data Backup Tailored to Growth

    Ubitronix System Solutions, GmbH, an Austrian firm, is a fast-growing mid-size firm that offers communication, instrument-reading and load-management products to energy suppliers and distribution-grid operators. In the process of consolidating their server environment, Ubitronix has set its data backup on a solid foundation: with Tandberg Data's StorageLibrary T24, the company chose a proven automated tape system capable of handling their present and future needs.
  • LEVEL Studios Uses StorageLibrary T120+ To Support Growing Business

    LEVEL Studios, a large integrated marketing agency, was in the process of completely rethinking and updating their data storage and backup infrastructure. But with the growth of the business and the tremendous increase in their digital media files, they needed an immediate solution that would fit into their backup strategy. What they discovered was the Tandberg Data StorageLibrary T120+.
  • Salzburg TV Utilizes StorageLibrary T40+ for Quick Access to Archived Broadcasts

    The Austrian television station Salzburg TV has simplified the access to existing programs by replacing its video archives with an automated tape library from Tandberg Data. The StorageLibrary T40+ provides the station with up to 32TB of uncompressed data storage—and with the option to expand the tape library with more modules at any time, it can expand to more than 90TB. Today, Salzburg TV benefits from a simplified data archiving method and shorter access times.
  • St. Marien Amberg Clinic Uses StorageLibrary T40 for its Backup Needs

    Medical data can require storage periods of up to 30 years. Despite the pressures of high costs in the medical field, the demands placed on backup and archiving systems are high. The St. Marien Amberg Clinic relies on Tandberg Data's proven technology—and it has had a very positive experience with the company's robust StorageLibrary T40 and LTO-Tape drives.
  • Norwegian Firm Bladcentralen turns to Tandberg Data

    Bladcentralen AS is Norway's largest distributor of magazines and periodicals. The distributor's objective is to place something to read in the hands of every Norwegian on a regular basis. Customer databases and financial records are key to Bladcentralen's success. Faced with continuous data growth and high demands on data availability, the company identified that its backup systems could no longer cope with their needs.
  • Cardinal Newman College uses StorageLibrary T40 to achieve reliable and fast, automated backups

    Cardinal Newman College required reliable backup solution for daily unattended backups to deal with exponential data growth. The scalable StorageLibrary T40 with two LTO-4 drives offering fibre channel connectivity solved their problems.
  • Entity Solutions' exploding server proves the value of Tandberg Data's Data Protection solutions

    It took just three months for Entity Solutions, an Australian leader in the professional engagement services industry, to prove the value of a continuous data protection solution based on Tandberg Data technology The crunch came on Australia Day this year, January 26. While the temperature outside in Melbourne soared past 40Cº, one of the company's data center servers was also overheating and eventually blew up and caught fire.
  • LayTec and Tandberg Data: From Backup to Automated Archiving

    In just a few years, LayTec, a Berlin-based high tech company founded in 1999, has become a world leader in the development, manufacturing and distribution of optical measurement equipment used in the production of semiconductors. LayTec's rapid growth is reflected in its growing data storage needs. Using Tandberg Data's StorageLibrary T40, the company was able to take its data storage system and turn it into an automated backup and archiving infrastructure.
  • The Stadtwerke Lünen GmbH bets on StorageLibrary by Tandberg Data

    Permanently rising amounts of data brought the backup solution implemented at the Stadtwerke Lünen GmbH (SWL) to the limits of its capacity and performance. Within a few weeks, a multi-level data backup solution with disk and tape was put in place in cooperation with the system vendor Cenesco. Through the implementation of the Tandberg StorageLibrary T40, SWL now has the benefit of higher performance and security for their backup and archival storage functions.
  • Nero reduces the backup time by 80 percent

    Because of constantly growing amounts of data and backup times of up to 25 hours, the software company Nero AG reached the limits of its decentralized data backup solution. In cooperation with IT provider WM Elektronik Göppingen, the software specialist centralized their backup and installed two Tandberg Data tape libraries in the Karlsbad headquarters. With its high-performance fully automatic data backup solution, Nero reduced the backup time by 80 percent and is well prepared for future expansions, thanks to the modular construction of the tape libraries.
  • How Tandberg Data's T40+ Dramatically Reduced Net24's Backup window

    With data volumes growing at 30 per cent each year, online backup, email services and virtual private server provider Net24 could find only one solution capable of reducing its daily backup window to acceptable times. That solution was Tandberg Data's StorageLibrary T40+, which reduced the backup time from over 24 hours to only eight hours. Net24 expects to achieve even faster backups after it makes some software changes.
  • Print and pre-press agency relies on StorageLibrary T40

    Satzdienst Bukowski GmbH, a German print and pre-press agency dealing with large pre-press files, increases capacity, performance and reliability with the Tandberg StorageLibrary T40.
  • Reliance Worldwide chooses Tandberg Data to support growing success

    Accelerating growth that underpins the success of Reliance Worldwide (Australia) has created the need for more powerful data storage technology, and the company has chosen the Tandberg Data StorageLibrary T40 to safeguard their mission critical data. Reliance Worldwide (Australia) is part of the successful Reliance Worldwide group of companies with operations in the USA, UK, France, Hong Kong, Australia, and New Zealand.
  • Rittal chooses new features and hassle free backup

    Over the years, the volume of Rittal's customer data has grown exponentially, and the old backup system, also a tape library, did not have enough capacity to cope with this data growth. It became clear that a new strategy was required, involving more secure, faster, continuous backup to disk first, followed by a backup of the data to a tape library. The Tandberg Data StorageLibrary T40 was the solution of choice.
  • Stanley Betting takes the Gamble out of Storage

    Leading online international sports betting retailer hedges bets on Tandberg Data's StorageLibrary T40. Stanley International Betting is one of the leading online sports betting providers across Europe. The sports betting operation serves over 700 Betting Points, through a combination of shops and Betting Point agents. Primary countries served include Italy, Romania, Croatia, Germany, Belgium, Greece and Cyprus.

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  • A Leading Visual Effects Company Saves Substantial Time and Money with New Storage System from Tandberg Data.

    The Mill is one of the world’s leading visual effects companies with offices in the main advertising centres of the world: London, New York and Los Angeles (LA). The company specializes in providing dramatic, award-winning and innovative visual production effects. Its facilities require constant attention and upgrades to maintain data integrity and ensure the latest graphics software is running at optimal capacity on reliable hardware.

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