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Guide to Video Security Storage: Effective Backup and Archive Practices According to Surveillance-source.com, many CCTV applications are now moving away from traditional videotape-based systems and are increasingly embracing tapeless digital CCTV surveillance systems. This comprehensive white paper discusses the storage needs of CCTV security video, which are affected by a wide range of factors, ranging from political and societal to technical and economic.
LTO Ultrium Data Encryption:
Secure Information Management
As tape cartridge capacities grow there is an increasing risk to access larger amounts of data. Especially with transporting offsite archives. Securing sensitive data from all unauthorized access has emerged as a critical business concern for storage managers. Loss of sensitive data, could result in lost customers, lost revenue, and for some, regulatory penalties.
Archiving and Compliance:
Data Management Requirements
To protect themselves adequately, businesses must improve how they manage and safeguard their organisational data and records. Good records management includes both backup and archiving. This white paper reveals best steps for data archiving and compliance.
The SMB Market is Ready for Data Encryption
Small to medium-size businesses (SMBs) are now facing many of the same security challenges larger businesses have faced for decades; namely that data security is no longer an optional "nice to have" for the SMB market.
The SMB Guide to Backup Best Practices:
Data Protection Strategies for Small- to Medium-Sized Businesses
Suppose for a moment that a virus infects your entire computer network. The virus spreads through every employee's workstation, into every document and database file. All your work, all your data—it's all destroyed. How would your business recover? Without an adequate backup and recovery plan, your business is at risk.


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