Mac Backup with RDX QuikStor and Apple Time Machine

Time Machine is an easy-to-use built-in backup routine for Mac systems. It performs manual and automated backups to disk devices. The automated mode runs hourly backups, consolidates them each day and keeps them for a month. After that, they are consolidated to weekly backups. Time Machine offers recovery points of each backup performed. Systems can easily be restored to a known recovery point. This is especially useful in the event of a virus or ransomware attack.

Finding the right solution

Mostly, MAC users perform backups on external hard disks. However, these devices do not offer a reliable and robust solution. In addition, they do not provide full disaster protection against unforeseen incidents at the office location or virus and ransomware attacks as they are constantly attached to the MAC system. Full disaster protection can only be guaranteed by utilizing removable storage devices such as RDX QuikStor
from Overland-Tandberg.

RDX® QuikStor™ - Ruggedised, Removable and Simple

Overland-Tandberg‘s RDX QuikStor is a removable disk system which simply attaches to MAC systems via USB-C. It consists of a QuikStor system and media. The system is constantly connected to the MAC system.The media has a rugged design, it’s reliable, fast, easy-to-use, and tough enough to cope in busy and harsh environments.

Overland-Tandberg offers RDX manager software for MAC as a free download. This ensures full compatibility and enables MAC users to utilize the eject button at the RDX system and to administer the RDX device from their MAC system.


RDX easily attaches to all MAC systems via USB-C
SOlution benefits
  • Easy to install and easy to use
  • Fully compatible with all MAC systems
  • Integrates seamlessly into the built-in Apple Time Machine backup utility
  • Media rotation and off-site protection
  • Rugged design, no special care required
  • Affordable
  • Automated and reliable


RDX is fully compatible with Apple Time Machine
customer benefits
  • Full data protection provides peace of mind
  • Low purchase cost and TCO optimises budget
  • No extra backup software required, utilizes built-in application
  • Ease of use reduces operational costs
  • Meets compliance requirements for electronically stored data





Media rotation for full disaster protection

The removability of the RDX media allows implementing data protection best practices by rotating cartridges to provide multiple layers of protection. One media resides in the system ready for the backup, one media is located offsite at an external location and the third one is in transit on its way either to or from the office. A media rotation scheme with at least three media allows you to meet most disaster protection and compliance requirements.





To learn more about how to integrate RDX QuikStor into Apple Time Machine, download the PDFs below:

Integration Brief: Integrating RDX QuikStor into Time Machine

Solution Brief: Using RDX® QuikStor™ for MAC Backup

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