Buying Tape Cartridges and Media

CAUTION! Beware of buying Media and
Tape Cartridges from unauthorized sources.

At Tandberg Data, we are committed to providing quality products and service to each and every one of our customers.  We sell our data grade, factory sealed media through a qualified group of authorized media distributors and resellers throughout the world and at no time do we provide used media for resale. While we have many safeguards in place to insure that only new, factory sealed media is available to our customers, we are very much aware of the growing trend to use on-line auction sources as a forum for selling used products.  While on-line resale sources may be a good vehicle for selling unwanted products, we do not condone nor recommend that data storage media be purchased in this manner.  Our customers purchase our data storage products to secure their valuable data against all forms of corporate and natural disasters and depend on the quality of the media to secure their data.  While we all wish to save money where possible, doing so by utilizing used, or non-data quality media purchased from unknown sources, places the security of your data at risk.  The ability to restore lost data or to restore data after a business disaster may affect the ability of a company to continue to operate as a successful business. It is recommended that only new, factory sealed, data grade tapes obtained through authorized media distributors and resellers, are used for your data storage needs.

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