AccuGuard™ Desktop (Discontinued Product)

Product Overview

  • Automated data protection - Set it and Forget it data protection with point-in-time recovery and automated verification that ensures every file is saved correctly and without corruption
  • 20:1 data deduplication - Increases effective data storage capacity for maximum value
  • Browsable Backups - Enables searches down to the version level for quick file discovery
  • Drag and Drop Restore - Simplifies file recovery by eliminating the requirement to run a "Restore Job"
  • Point-in-Time Recovery
  • RDX® Cartridge Manager - Makes managing cartridges for offsite and archive a breeze
  • Simple User Interface - Removes the pain and frustration associated with traditional backup software

Tandberg Data AccuGuard™ Desktop is a Windows®-based backup and recovery software. It is an easy-to-deploy solution that protects desktops. Tandberg Data AccuGuard™ data protection software delivers reliable, automated backup and recovery utilizing a powerful data deduplication engine designed to increase your effective storage capacity, allowing you to store twenty times more data.

Data Deduplication
Tandberg Data AccuGuard's Desktop is designed to protect Windows desktops, with a minimum amount of storage capacity. Protected data is deduplicated and optimized at the client source before it is transferred and stored. Increased backup storage capacity allows many more backups to remain online for the most reliable data recovery practice. This process is automated by the AccuGuard software, installed on single Windows desktops.

Efficient Backups
AccuGuard increases effective backup storage capacity and decreases the backup windows leading to hard dollar savings. Bandwidth optimization of data prior to storage makes AccuGuard an ideal solution for high-traffic LAN backup and disaster recovery. All retained backups can be searched and recovered at the file and volume level from any point-in-time calendar view.

AccuGuard's deduplication is executed on each protected client physical or virtual system with full compatibility with Tandberg Data's RDX® QuikStor, RDX® QuikStation and other disk systems.

Complete System Data Deduplication Yes
Fast File Level Searching Yes
Fast File Level Searching Yes
Quick Point-in-Time Restore Yes
Microsoft SQL Protection No
Microsoft Exchange Protection No
Outlook .pst Protection Yes
System Alerts Yes
Simple Single User Interface Yes
Data Vault Verification Yes
Increased Bandwidth Efficiency Yes
Systems Protected Windows XP / Vista
System Requirements - Operating System Windows XP / Vista
System Requirements - Processor Single 2.0GHz CPU
System Requirements - Memory 2GB Ram
System Requirements - Free Disk Space Product installation: 80MB
Partno. Name Description
5002-ACC AccuGuard Desktop 5 Pack AccuGuard Desktop (5-pack) Edition software, Includes 1yr technical support and software maintenance.
5102-ACC AccuGuard Desktop 5-pack software maintenance AccuGuard Desktop (5-pack) - 1yr Software Support and Maintenance Extension - Provides 1yr technical support and software upgrades (limited to 3yrs).
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Filename Description Version Type
AccuGuard Software Download AccuGuard Desktop 4.0.433.2 Software


  File Description Type Language
User Guide for AccuGuard Server and AccuGuard Desktop Manual
AccuGuard Data Protection Software (EMEA) Datasheet
AccuGuard Data Protection Software (US) Datasheet
AccuGuard Data Protection Software (APAC) Datasheet
AccuGuard Data Protection Software (GER) Datasheet
AccuGuard Data Protection Software (FR) Datasheet
Tandberg Data Corporate Brochure Brochure

Software Compatibility List (PDF)

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