AccuGuard Enterprise for RDX® (Discontinued Product)

Data Protection for Client/Server environments

Tandberg Data AccuGuard™ Enterprise is a powerful Windows®-based backup and recovery software. It is an easy-to-deploy solution that protects servers*, virtual servers* and desktops* and even remote computers*. This robust data protection software delivers reliable, automated backup and recovery utilizing a powerful data deduplication engine designed to increase effective storage capacities by up to 20 times compared to traditional data protection methods.

* additional licenses are required for add on servers and desktops


Product Overview

  • Client Server Backup - Supports all servers and workstations even if they are at remote locations
  • Source based Deduplication - Decreases size of backup datasets at each client for minimal network bandwidth consumption and backup target utilization
  • Single Instance Storage - Eliminates data redundancy across all clients for even more storage savings and more recovery points
  • Scale as you grow - Easy integration of additional Clients, no need for more processing resources in Backup Server due to client based deduplication
  • Multiple Backup Targets - RDX, local Disk and Network Shares can be used as backup targets
  • Backup Copy Jobs - Enhances disaster recovery capabilities creating off-site copies on RDX
  • Flexible Data Retention - Number of kept recovery points can be specified to free up space on your backup target and help with compliance requirements
  • Agentless Client Backup - No additional software to install, easy addition of further clients, simplified software maintenance
  • Data Seeding - Possibility to perform initial backups at remote location and incorporate them to the backup server
  • Easy User Interface - Removes the pain and frustration associated with traditional backup software
  • File verification, quarantine and repair ensures files are saved without corruption

Data Deduplication

Tandberg Data AccuGuard's Enterprise software is designed to protect servers, workstations and remote computers, with a minimum amount of storage capacity and bandwidth consumption. Protected data is deduplicated and optimized at the client source before it is transferred and stored even on slower networks. However, as the initial backup could take more time, data seeding is supported to do the initial backup locally and transfer it to the data center. Increased backup storage capacity allows many more backups to remain online for the most reliable data recovery practice.

Centralized enterprise-wide backup for SMBs

AccuGuard Enterprise is easy to install and easy to use. There is no need for installing software on the client side. So, every new client or remote workstation can be easily integrated into the enterprise-wide backup environment. All backup jobs and tasks are management and monitored from a central backup server or workstation. Email notification is issued after each job has finished informing the administrator about the results.

Comprehensive data protection and disaster recovery solution

AccuGuard Enterprise provides numerous functions to ensure full data protection and disaster recovery capabilities. Backup copy jobs can be used to implement a backup to disk, to RDX backup strategy for off-site and full disaster protection. In addition, media rotation can be implemented with multiple RDX media for full disaster recovery.


AccuGuard Enterprise offers full flexibility on creating multiple backup jobs for systems, files and folder or Exchange and SQL databases, numerous scheduler options and multiple backup targets, like local disk, RDX QuikStor, RDX QuikStation or NAS systems and network shares. Point in time recovery allows restoring single files and folders of a dedicated backup date, bare metal recovery functionality restores systems from scratch.

Initial data seeding for remote locations

Data seeding with RDX allows you to eliminate the bottleneck of your network bandwidth you may have with remote office locations for backup and Recovery. Run an initial local backup with RDX and then transport and import your backup data into your central backup location. AccuGuard’s sourced based deduplication will only backup the block-level changes from now on and you can fully protect your remote location even with a slow network connection. Larger Restores i.e. in case of a disaster, can also be performed with RDX USB3.0 native speed locally. All you need is a backup copy of your data on RDX at the remote site.

Systems Protected Multiple Servers, Workstations and Remote Computers
Backup Targets RDX QuikStor, RDX QuikStation, Local Disks, Network Shares and NAS Systems
Bare Metal Recovery Yes, for Backup Server and each Client
Multiple Backup Jobs Yes
Source based Deduplication Yes, plus global Deduplication
Quick Point-in-Time Restore Yes
Microsoft SQL Protection Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008/2008R2/2012
Microsoft Exchange Protection Microsoft Exchange Server 2003/2007/2010/2013
Protection of Network Shares Yes
System Alerts Yes
Simple Single User Interface Yes
Agentless Software Distribution Yes
RDX Media Rotation Yes
Multi Store Support Yes
Backup Copy Jobs Yes
Variable Data Retention Yes
File Verification Yes
Email Notification Yes
System Requirements - Server OS*

Windows Server 2003 (32-bit, 64-bit), 2008 (32-bit, 64-bit), 2008 R 2, 2012, 2012 R2
Microsoft Small Business Server 2003/2003R2/2008/2011/2012 Essentials

Windows Server 2008 R2 is recommended for AccuGuard Enterprise for RDX Backup Server

System Requirements - Desktop OS*

Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, 8.1,

Windows 10

System Requirements - Processor Single 2.0GHz CPU minimum, works with multiple processor cores
System Requirements - Memory 4GB Ram
System Requirements - Free Disk Space 60MB for product installation, plus enough backup space on Backup Server
8MB per backup process on Backup Client, 100-200MB free disk space is recommended
RDX Drive At least one RDX Drive has to be connected to the backup server

* additional licenses are required for add on servers and desktops

Partno. Name Description
5013-ACC AccuGuard Enterprise for RDX AccuGuard Enterprise for RDX (only works with RDX; Includes 1 yr technical support and software maintenance)
5014-ACC AccuGuard Enterprise for RDX 1x add-on license for additional server OS client
5017-ACC AccuGuard Enterprise for RDX 10x add-on licenses for additional desktop OS clients
5103-ACC AccuGuard Enterprise for RDX One Year Technical Support and Software Upgrade Subscription
(Covers 1x AccuGuard Enterprise for RDX with all add-on Server and Desktop licenses)
5104-ACC AccuGuard Enterprise for RDX Two Years Technical Support and Software Upgrade Subscription
(Covers 1x AccuGuard Enterprise for RDX with all add-on Server and Desktop licenses)


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AccuGuard Enterprise for RDX User Guide Manual
AccuGuard Enterprise for RDX QuikStart Guide Manual
Seed your AccuGuard Backup Cloud with RDX Solutions Guide
AccuGuard Software (EMEA) Datasheet
AccuGuard Software (US) Datasheet
AccuGuard Software (APAC) Datasheet



Software Compatibility List (PDF)    Version March 2017

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