StorageLoader VXA-320


Product Overview

  • 10-cartridge capacity
  • Up to 3.2 TB of compressed storage
  • Up to 86 GB/Hr transfer speed
  • SCSI-3 Ultra 160 or Hot-Plug/Hot-Swap FireWire 800 Interface
  • Slim, 1U form factor
  • Standard barcode reader
  • Remote Management standard, allowing monitoring from anywhere in the world
  • Disaster tested: VXA Packet technology offers the most reliable restore in tape
  • Affordable: get tape automation for about the cost of a single tape drive

Based on Tandberg Data's award-winning VXA Packet Technology, the StorageLoader VXA-320 sets a new standard for ease-of-use, reliability, capacity, and price for this class of automation product. The StorageLoader VXA has 10 cartridge slots for a capacity of up to 3.2 TB of compressed data (320 GB per cartridge, compressed), all in a slim 1U form factor. The PacketLoader also offers a barcode reader standard, remote management and a field-replaceable drive, allowing for easy upgrades without the cost of buying a whole new autoloader.

Over three successive generations, VXA products have been disaster-tested by Tandberg Data and independent labs under the most severe conditions – including violent vibration, immersion in volcanic dust, boiling water and hot coffee, and even freezing cartridges in ice – to assure reliable and complete data restores.

Media Compatibility

Tandberg Data's VXAtape™ cartridges are the perfect complement to VXA technology. They provide the necessary features needed for Tandberg VXA tape drives, autoloaders, and libraries. Imation Corporation is the exclusive worldwide distributor of VXA tapes. For more information on media compatibility, click here.

*assumes 2:1 data compression

Drive Technology VXA-320
Number of Drives 1
Number of Slots 10
Capacity (native) 1.6 TB
Capacity (compressed) 3.2 TB
Interface SCSI-3 Ultra 160, FireWire 800
Cartridge Loading mail slot
Temperature (non-operating) -40 - 60
Temperature (operating) 5 - 40
Relative Humidity, operating (non-condensing) 20 - 80 %
Relative Humidity, Non-operating (non-condensing) 20 - 80 %
Form Factor 1U/ Rackmount
Height 4.36cm / 1.7 inches
Width 44.8cm / 17.7 inches
Depth 68.6cm / 27 inches
Weight 10.4 kg / 23 lbs
Web Administration yes
Rackmount-option included
Barcode Reader yes
Additional Interface 10BaseT Ethernet
Recording Format VXA-320
MTBF 300,000 hours
Power Consumption 100-240 VAC, 50-60Hz, 35W (average)
Certification Marks UL, CSA, FCC, CISPR
Warranty 3 years warranty, 1 year Advanced Replacement Service (component level only)
Partno. Model Description
900610 Tandberg StorageLoader VXA-320 SCSI Tandberg StorageLoader VXA-320 Autoloader,1 drive, 10 cartridge slot, 1.6/3.2TB 1U tape autoloader,rack-mountable, 68-pin HD LVD SCSI with remote management, bar code labels, warranty card, quick installation guide, 1 year advanced replacement service included, 3 year warranty
9611-VXA Tandberg StorageLoader VXA-320 FireWire Tandberg StorageLoader VXA-320 Autoloader, FireWire, 1.6TB / 3.2TB, 1 drive, 10 cartridge slot, 1.6/3.2TB 1U tape autoloader, rack-mountable, a FireWire cable, remote management, bar code labels, warranty card, quick installation guide, 1 year advanced replacement service included, 3 year warranty

Preview StorageLoader VXA

Name Description Thumbnail Detail Highres
StorageLoader VXA Image Download Thumbnail Image (1.85 KB) Download Detail Image (28.11 KB) Download Highres Image (1.71 MB)
Filename Description Versionn Type
LibTool_WIN_V1.7_rea dme.txt   1.7 Utility
libTool_Solaris_v1.7 9_readme.pdf   1.79 Utility
libTool_Linux_v1.79. tar.gz   1.79 Utility
libTool_MacOSX_v1.79 _readme.pdf   1.79 Utility
libTool_Solaris_v1.7 9.tar.gz   1.79 Utility
vxaTool_MacOSX_V4.62 .sit   4.62 Utility
1U_PacketLoader_Firm StorageLoader VXA Firmware A110 Firmware
libTool_Linux_v1.79_ readme.pdf   1.79 Utility
libtool_v1.72_tad.zi p Library Tool for Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, 2003 1.72 Utility StorageLoader VXA Ethernet Firmware E10E0B 10E0B Firmware
StorageLoader_WIN64_ VXA 64-bit Driver for Windows 2003/XP 2.0 Driver
storageloadervxa_win 64_driver_v2.01.0.zi p Signed 64-bit driver for StorageLoader VXA family. Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008 2.01 Driver
storageloadervxa_win 32_driver_v3.01.0.zi p Signed 32-bit driver for StorageLoader VXA family. Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008 3.01 Driver
StorageLoader_WIN32_ VXA 32-bit Driver for Windows 2000/2003/XP 3.0 Driver
vxatool_windows_v2.5 VXATool for Windows V2.54 2.54 Utility
  File Description Type Language
StorageLoader VXA Product Manual Manual
Service Overview EMEA (EN) Datasheet
StorageLoader VXA-320 Datasheet Datasheet
StorageLoader VXA - Replacing a drive Manual
VXA-320 SCSI Reference Manual Manual

Software Compatibility List (PDF)

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