Advanced Replacement Service (ARS)

Advanced Replacement Service (ARS) includes standard distribution Tandberg Data products and is available for customers in the European Union***. Products must be under warranty and must be purchased from an Authorized Tandberg Data Reseller or Distributor. ARS offers a replacement service, shipped within three business days*, at no charge for all drives and tape automation products (component level only). The replacement unit will be a refurbished, fully tested and equal device**. Warranty and ARS periods vary by product.

Most standard distribution products are are supported by the ARS throughout the first (1) year. Upgrades for the second and third year are available at a charge. For details, visit our Service Options page.

Geographical Limitations

We cannot guarantee the service response times for regions outside of mainland Europe. Please contact your local Tandberg Data representative for approximate response times and service levels.


The Advanced Replacement Service (ARS) includes standard distribution Tandberg products and is available to customers throughout Europe. Products must be under warranty and must be purchased from an authorized Tandberg Data Reseller or Distributor. ARS offers a replacement service (shipped normally within two business days if available), at no charge during the first year of warranty. The replacement unit will be a refurbished, fully tested, equal device.


Tandberg Data will review:

  • hardware handling
  • software handling (storage software)
  • software issues (storage software)
  • usage of non authorized media or barcode labels

Tandberg data will not review:

  • function of operation system
  • function of other hardware than Tandberg Data hardware (e.g. server, SCSI Controller, HDD,…)
  • function of network environment


The customer must provide the following information:

  • Product return must reference a Tandberg Data Return Material Authorization Number ("RMA #").
  • Company name and address; name, email address and telephone number
  • Serial number of hardware
  • Hardware type
  • Date hardware was purchased
  • Firmware Level
  • Description of the problem with as much detail as possible
  • Operating system
  • Used data cartridge, cleaning cartridge
  • Back Up application
  • SCSI controller


The customer is required to qualify the hardware error:

Run Tandberg Data diagnostic tools

Test the drive using the appropriate tool available on our website.

The tool tests the write/read functions of the drive outside of the backup-software and driver. If the test passes, the communication to the drive is good and the drive is functioning properly. Look to the software or SCSI Bus for further troubleshooting. Even if the read/write test passes, the log that is produced during the test can give us detailed information in regard to media usage / age, temperature issues and past-failure points, etc.

Run an Internal Self Test.

  • The VXA Internal Self Test as well as the TDkit for LTO devices performs a series of tests designed to eliminate all outside factors and determine if the drive is functional. The test does not use software or operating system drivers, does not write data from the server and does not access the SCSI bus when testing the drive.
  • Drives that pass the Internal Self Test are deemed to be functioning properly.
  • For detailed instructions on running an Internal Self Test for VXA, see KB Article 2075
  • For detailed instruction on running an Internal Self Test for LTO, see the LTO manual.

Check cable/terminator based on technology (SCSI, FW etc):

  • Improper bus configuration or bad cables are by far the most likely culprits when facing issues such as:
  • Devices not being seen in the operating system.
  • Intermittent or unexpected "I/O" errors.
  • Losing communication with a tape drive during backup.
  • Event ID 9 or 11 errors in Windows operating systems.
  • Unexpected bus resets.
  • Parity errors.
  • For bus configuration tips, check these Knowledge Base items:
  • SCSI bus configuration tips for VXA technology
  • ATAPI (IDE) bus configuration tips:


Use new/ known working cartridges

A worn or damaged tape may result in write or read failures. Keep track of which tapes fail during write or read. If you notice that a particular tape has failed more than once, mark that tape as questionable and do not use it for critical backups. Media Errors displayed by the backup software are typically warnings and may or may not indicate a true media failure.

1. If you receive a media error from the backup software, perform the following steps:

  • Clean the tape drive with an approved cleaning cartridge.
  • Erase the media using our tool or a bulk eraser (degausser).
  • Re-try the media.
  • If the error re-occurs, use the appropriate diagnostics tool available on our website to run a long test, using the tape in question. Save the log file that is produced from that test and contact Tandberg Data Technical Support for analysis

2. Media is considered a "consumable" piece of your backup solution. Worn and aged media should be replaced periodically to preserve the integrity of your backups.

Clean your tape drive.

Simply cleaning your tape drives on a regular basis will often solve issues with writing or reading data. More information on how and when to clean your drives can be found in the Knowledge Base item Do I need to clean my tape drive?

3. Write error

If the autoloader or drive does not read or write the media, please follow the procedure below:

Errors on LCD Panel or LEDs

Check the Product Manual for a description of the Error Code or LED Sequence


The following situations are related to software. Tandberg Data Technical support can not help you troubleshoot software related issues. Please contact that software vendor directly for support.

This is only a brief guideline to help as a first aid:

1. Creating backup sets and scheduled backup jobs. These are functions of the software.

2. Manual backups work but scheduled ones do not. If manual backups work, the drive and software are clearly communicating. Backup sets are a function of the software.

3. How to tell if tapes are full.
Through the backup log in the software, you can determine how much data was saved to tape during a given backup job. However, there is no way to read a tape and get a report on how much space is left.

4. Installing drivers
Most backup utilities include drivers developed by the software vendor. It is important to use the drivers supplied by that vendor. For further information on drivers see FAQ # 2003 -Is it necessary to load Windows drivers for my tape drive or library?

5. Error messages from the software
These messages are produced through the software and may or may not be a true indication of a failure.

Review the Error Description page in your software manual or contact the software Vendor for an explanation.

6. Device configuration and/or Device Manager
Most software packages require some type of configuration procedure in order for the software to recognize the hardware.
Following are situations which may require the Device Configuration to be run:

  • Removing hardware and reinstalling
  • Updating firmware in the tape drive or library
  • The software is unable to see the hardware, even if it has in the past.


  • Go carefully through all recommendations given by Tandberg Data
  • Work with our Tech Support and analyse the results of tests.


  • Definition: A unit is DOA if it failed either within 10 working days after purchase or 10 working hours after installation. (this information can be taken from the log file.)
  • Establish if the product is faulty by going through the same guidelines and tests as ARS
  • To qualify a product as DOA, please produce log files and provide proof that recommended tests are completed.
  • Speak to our Technical Support Team for final DOA qualification according to test results.


  • Signee who approved Tandberg Data returned ARS form will be charged for freight cost and workmanship for analyses/repair as well as any damages or mishandling of device.
  • If you do not return the faulty unit to Tandberg Data within 5 working days, you will be charged in accordance with the service pricelist.

Please handle all Tandberg Data units with care.

If damage occurs in transport due to rough or poor packaging Tandberg Data will charge you according regular charges for repair. The customer is liable for damages and Tandberg Data will claim compensation if the faulty unit is not returned within 5 working days. This also affects damages outside the warranty period, as well as returning wrong devices, sending devices with other than named serial number and hardware which is not Tandberg Data equipment.

All prices are excluding VAT.

Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions of the warranties are available from any Tandberg Data office. Additionally, the warranty on the exchanged product will be the remainder of the warranty period of the original product or 180 days, whichever is the greater. Click here for terms and conditions of the Tandberg Data Advanced Replacement Service.

* Shipments may vary depending on time zones, national holidays or when the customer call is registered at Tandberg Data. On-Site Service (OSS)

** Maximum 2 units at any one time.

*** ARS is only available for members of the European Union.

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