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16 November 2016
RDX Filling the Requirements for SMB Backup

Technology changes over time and the operational workflows for companies change as well. Data protection is one area that is a constant in that the requirements to protect data will continue. What is changing is the method for protecting information. The current workflows used by many in performing backups are unsustainable given the increase in the amount of data and the operational cost increases. New approaches using backup to disk and remote replication to create the protected data copies are more prevalent now and continue to be improved with new technologies introduced.

By Randy Kerns, Senior Strategist at Evaluator Group
05 October 2016
Going Back to Tape

As I attended a number of broadcast and video events this spring, the future of the storage landscape became very clear to me. Storage in the form of disks has become commoditized by falling prices and easy connectivity. Even high performance storage is moving into the consumer space with technologies like Thunderbolt. Many professionals collect large volumes of data, decentralised and without any clear planning. And who can blame them? When you can buy terabytes of cheap and fast RAID, why would you spend too much time strategising? Just store it all!

By Marc M. Batschkus, Business Development Manager, Archiware
12 September 2016
Data Protection for the SMB

The management and protection of data is critical to the future success of every small and medium-sized organisation. This means that IT leaders must do what it takes to guarantee that their data will be in their hands at all times when they need it the most.

By Simon Anderson, Product Marketing Manager, Tape Products
19 August 2016
Top Data Storage Challenges for the SMB

Based on market trends, input from market leaders and many of our own customers, here are some challenges that small businesses will continue to face in the next few years.

By Graham Paterson, Senior Vice President, EMEA
08 June 2016
The Advantages of Tape Automation

Data is the life blood of every organization and it needs to be protected and managed properly. Greater than 90% of businesses that suffer a complete data loss go out of business with in 12 months. In recent years, businesses have become even more aware of the need to back up and archive their data as part of their overall business continuity and disaster recovery plans.

By Simon Anderson, Product Marketing Manager, Tape Products
25 May 2016
The Key Pillars of Data Protection for SMBs

Many SMBs want to reduce (and simplify) the overall number of data protection approaches they have in place. This is the point that SMBs also recognize they need to start making some changes to improve their outcomes. It can be helpful to think of data protection as having a few key pillars: backup, archiving and off-site storage.

By Graham Paterson, Senior Vice President, EMEA
11 April 2016
Moving to the Cloud? Don’t forget data protection!

"The cloud" has and will continue to revolutionize the way small- to medium-sized businesses do business. As your business-critical data begins to move into the cloud, it's essential to evaluate your overall data protection strategy. As the ease of data migration into the cloud increases, so does the potential to ignore consequences for data protection. Protection of data created on cloud-hosted services is a very important consideration for your business.

By Dan Walkes, Senior Software Architect
04 February 2016
The Last Line of Defense

Tape is the last line of defense in many organisations data protection strategy, but as I explained in my blog last week, tape can significantly reduce data storage costs and is the only viable long-term solution for managing data growth.

By Simon Anderson, Product Marketing Manager, Tape Products
14 January 2016
The Mediocracy of Software - An Interesting History

I developed Glassware 2.0 as a way to free developers and ISVs from these problems. With Glassware 2.0 there is no need to develop a version of an app for Windows 10, another for iOS devices, another for Android devices and yet another version to be delivered via HTML5 in the browser.

By John Morelli, Founder of Sphere 3D




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