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Tandberg Data introduces LTO-3 Half Height Tape Drive

Cost-effective backup and archiving solution for midrange server environments offers enterprise features and compressed capacity of 800 GB

June 18, 2007: Tandberg Data, a leading global supplier of backup and archiving technologies, today announced the availability of its LTO-3 Half-Height (LTO-3 HH) drive. With 400 GB native capacity, 60 MB/sec native transfer rate, ADI automation interface and a choice of SCSI and SAS host interfaces, the Tandberg LTO-3 HH is ideal for use in midrange- and departmental server environments, where low cost and space savings are key considerations.

The Tandberg LTO-3 HH offers a range of features for improved reliability and increased performance. With a large 128 MB buffer, a wider range of adaptive transfer rates and its highly effective in-line data-compression, the Tandberg LTO-3 HH drive is designed for high performance in various host environments. The Tandberg LTO-3 HH has an operational power consumption below 13 W (6 W when idle), and offers the lowest power consumption in the industry. In addition to providing an energy saving, the low power consumption improves the drives reliability and increases its MTBF as the drive produces less heat.

"The Tandberg LTO-3 HH drive is based on years of experience with development and manufacturing of tape drives, and of Tandberg Data's building blocks of the LTO-1 and LTO-2 Half Height Drives", says Pat Clarke, Executive vice president of global sales, marketing and service at Tandberg Data. "Combining this with enterprise features, WORM, high performance, capacity and Tandberg Data's 3 years warranty and Advanced Replacement Service, make it the drive of choice for any midrange server environment."


The Tandberg LTO-3 drive supports WORM (Write Once, Read Many). WORM-functionality will help users to meet regulatory compliance requirements. Government regulations such as SEC and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act have established guidelines on how long data should be retained, kept secure and remain unaltered. The WORM functionality in the Tandberg LTO-3 HH drive will offer users cost effective, long term archiving, allowing them to storage unaltered data for decades.

Robust algorithms using the Cartridge Memory (CM), in conjunction with low level encoding that is mastered on the tape media at the time of manufacture, are designed to prevent tampering. The LTO Ultrium format generation 3 specification includes the ability for WORM enabled and non-WORM enabled drives to co-exist. In addition, appending data at the end of a WORM cartridge which was previously written to is supported, thus allowing customers to take full advantage of the high capacity tape media.

Market requirements

As businesses today are challenged by exponential data growth, limited backup windows, regulatory requirements and limited resources, the need for affordable backup solutions continues to grow. The LTO technology will continue to be the dominating technology in the midrange tape market, and is and will be the drive of choice in the mid-range autoloader and tape library space. With its 6-generation roadmap, 4 generations currently available, and a market share of 90% (Source: IDC, Worldwide Tape Drive Forecast and Analysis, May 2007), LTO has become the de-facto standard in midrange tape.

Tandberg Data offers a complete range of LTO drives; its LTO-1, 2 and 3 Half Height drives, with capacities from 200 to 800 GB (compressed) and compressed transfer rates up to 120 MB/s, offer excellent value to the budget-conscious midrange user. Tandberg Data also offers the LTO-3 full height drive and recently introduced its LTO-4 drive (May 2007). These full height drives offer high capacities (up to 1.6 TB compressed) and performance (up to 240 MB/s compressed) to meet the requirements of the more demanding enterprise user.

The LTO drives offer backwards read and write compatibility (1 generation), and offer two generations backwards read-compatibility. Combined with a 6 generation roadmap, customers' investments are protected and solutions can scale to meet future requirements.

LTO licensing

Tandberg Data is a manufacturer of LTO drives, and has passed compliance test requirements for developing and manufacturing drives since its release of the LTO-1 half height drive in 2005. The LTO Program requires that all licensees pass a series of compliance verification tests, which include rigorous data interchangeability testing before being issued a license to sell and the right to display the LTO Ultrium trademark. Compliance testing of all Ultrium tape products must be completed annually to ensure that each manufacturer adheres to the LTO Ultrium format specifications.

Price and Availability

The Tandberg LTO-3 HH is now available through Tandberg Data's established channel of distribution and reseller partners. The Tandberg LTO-3 HH drive will ship with a terminator and cabling, a piece of media, and Symantec Backup Exec QuickStart Edition. In addition, customers will benefit from a 3 year return to factory warranty and Advanced Replacement Service, as well as free technical support. The Tandberg Data LTO-3 HH drive starts at an estimated street price of $2750 (€2060).

For further information please contact:

Marije Stijnen
Corporate Marketing Manager
Tandberg Data
Tel.: +44 (0)7909 90 60 12
Email: marije.stijnen(at)tandbergdata.com

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