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Certified Backup and Archiving for Apple OS X and Windows Systems

Tandberg Data LTO-5 Tape Automation certified with Archiware PresSTORE 4; optimized for large video and imaging data in Apple OS X and Windows environments

Dortmund, November 11th , 2010: Tandberg Data, the global supplier of data protection solutions, has certified its LTO-5 tape automation products with Archiware PresSTORE 4.0. The combination of best in class hardware and software from Tandberg Data and Archiware provides customers with a professional, scalable, reliable and easy to use data protection solution.  The Tandberg Data and Archiware solution is optimised for use within the professional video, imaging and broadcasting markets.

Designed for small to medium business environments the Tandberg Data LTO-5 tape automation family allows customers to shorten backup windows, simplify storage management and reduce the costs of backup and archiving. The Tandberg Data LTO-5 data protection solution enables customers in the entertainment and broadcasting arena to significantly reduce the cost of video content management. 

Used in conjunction with Tandberg Data’s LTO-5 tape automation solution, PresSTORE Backup2Go provides automatic backup for workstations and laptops. PresSTORE Backup is responsible for automatic backup from servers to tape, while PresSTORE Archive completes the package with automatic archiving feature. The solution allows users to preview and search archived data in the browser (thumbnail, proxy) and trigger external preview generators (like Apple’s Compressor and Telestream’s Episode) for video productions with large data sets.

The PresSTORE 4.4 Synchronize feature is able to clone data from multiple servers to a single destination, improving data availability and business continuity. PresSTORE Synchronize supports Apple’s Mac OS X file system, Xsan, optimising workflow processes which is particularly beneficial in the field of professional video editing.

The Tandberg Data LTO-5 automation family provides the best value in tape automation solutions. The Tandberg Data StorageLoader LTO is an entry-level autoloader offering 8 slots and up to 24TB* of compressed storage. The Tandberg Data StorageLibrary T24 is a compact tape library offering 24 slots and up to 72TB* of compressed storage. The Tandberg Data StorageLibrary T40+ is a scalable tape library offering 24 or 40 slots and up to 120TB* of compressed storage. The StorageLibrary T40+ Pass-Thru feature allows customers to add additional drives and storage capacities when required, enabling up to four StorageLibraryT40+ units to be stacked together, increasing the number of slots from 40 to 77, 114 or 151 slots. The Pass-Thru feature provides customers with an easy-to-use capacity-on-demand, allowing storage capacity to be increased up to 453TB* and performance to be increased up to 16TB/hr*. Tandberg Data LTO-5 tape media provides users with the security of WORM (write once, read many) and hardware-based 256-bit encryption.  The LTO technology is also compatible with FIPS level-2 certification, providing maximum security for off-site data.

Austrian TV: FinalCut Pro with PresSTORE 4 and StorageLibrary T40+

Austrian TV station “Servus TV” relies on a video archive with Archiware PresSTORE 4 and a Tandberg Data StorageLibrary T40+:-With this Servus TV benefits from a cost-effective archiving method with short access times for its FinalCut Pro Editsuite jobs. The StorageLibrary T40+ can be equipped with all current LTO generations (from LTO-3, LTO-4 to LTO-5 Full High and Half Height), provides up to 40 slots and 60 TB native capacity per unit. The Pass-Thru feature allows customers to scale up to five modules to 188 slots, 282TB native capacity and 10TB per hour performance. With "Capacity on Demand" and the "Performance on Demand" customers can flexibly scale the Tandberg Data Tape Libraries for use with Archiware PresSTORE as required.

"Almost 80% of the companies who suffer significant data loss have to file for bankruptcy within two years. With Tandberg Data LTO-StorageLibraries and Archiware PresSTORE 4, customers can easily set up an automatic, high performance, multi-level backup solution and reduce their outsourcing costs. The simplicity, modularity and multi-use of this solution allows companies to optimise data security, and also to maximise the return on their investments," said Josef Doods, CEO at Archiware. The Kabooza Global Backup Survey can be visited at: http://www.kabooza.com/globalsurvey.html

25 November 2010
Tandberg Data Supplies Fujitsu with 1TB RDX Cartridge for PRIMERGY

New RDX cartridge expands capacity options for SMB/SME backup, restore and archiving on Fujitsu servers

11 November 2010
Certified Backup and Archiving for OSX, Windows

Tandberg Data LTO-5 Tape Automation certified with Archiware PresSTORE 4; optimized for large video and imaging data in Apple OS X and Windows environments

01 September 2010
Network-Attached Data Protection Appliance Unveiled

Affordable, all-in-one appliance delivers centralized data backup and restore with source-based deduplication and RDX® removable media for complete data protection

28 September 2010
Agreement with Toshiba to Add RDX to Server Platforms MAGNIA Series

Toshiba is latest OEM to integrate Tandberg Data’s RDX removable disk technology for server backup and restore applications

25 May 2010
Tandberg Data Unveils LTO-5 Tape Libraries & Autoloaders

Powerful automated backup and archiving with higher capacities from 24TB* in compact 1U footprint

Tags: LTO-5 Tape Libraries and Autoloaders
20 July 2010
RDX Cartridge Capacity Increased to 1TB

As RDX tops 1TB per cartridge, SMB customers reap the benefits of a high capacity, low-cost tape alternative for their backup and restore needs

11 March 2010
Milestone 500,000 RDX Removable Disk Cartridges Shipped

Four out of every five RDX docks manufactured by Tandberg Data

Tags: RDX removeable disk systems, RDX cartridges
13 July 2010
Industry Veteran Joins Tandberg Data as Senior V.P. of EMEA

Paterson brings track record of IT sales and marketing success to Tandberg Data

23 February 2010
Tandberg Data offers deduplication and backup

AccuGuard backup and recovery software with source-based deduplication enhances Tandberg Data RDX QuikStor and new DPS2000 NAS platforms

Tags: AccuGuard, RDX QuikStor, DPS2000 NAS, source-based deduplication
23 February 2010
Affordable, Business-Grade NAS Solution Unveiled

DPS2000 NAS makes file sharing and storage consolidation easy with powerful deduplication technology and cross-platform support for Windows, Macintosh and Unix/Linux

Tags: AccuGuard software, DPS2000 NAS solution, SMB data protection
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