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Tandberg Data Ships Industry’s First Removable Disk Library for SMB and SME Data Protection

Versatile multi-cartridge RDX® QuikStation™ blends the removability, durability and economy of tape with the random access, performance and reliability of disk

Dortmund, Germany., (Jan. 25, 2011): Tandberg Data, the global supplier of data protection solutions, today announced the Tandberg Data RDX® QuikStation™, the world’s first network-attached, removable disk library that is based on RDX® technology. The RDX QuikStation delivers robust data protection and offsite disaster recovery for SMB and SME environments in a feature-rich, multi-cartridge 2U configuration. It provides users with all the benefits of tape storage, including removability and archivability, and all the benefits of disk, namely speed, random access, reliability and high capacity.

Designed and built by Tandberg Data, the RDX QuikStation consists of eight integrated RDX docks that provide up to 8TB of online capacity when fully populated with Tandberg Data 1TB RDX disk cartridges, as well as unlimited offline capacity. Users can choose to configure the unit as either eight individually-addressable iSCSI disk targets or as an emulated tape autoloader or library. Just as tape libraries revolutionized the utility of tape storage, the RDX QuikStation will dramatically increase the ways in which removable disk technology will store, protect, archive, transport and restore data.

“The ability to simultaneously read or write from all eight docks in iSCSI mode means that the RDX QuikStation can achieve very high performance rates for faster backup and restore,” said Randy Kerns, analyst with the Evaluator Group. “I would encourage users to look at the opportunities presented with the Tandberg Data RDX library. It also can be deployed for less traditional applications, such as providing system snapshot copies, data interchange between remote offices and life support for systems awaiting data from the cloud.”

The RDX QuikStation includes features that streamline system deployment and management. With built-in web-based management, the RDX-based library makes remote system configuration, management, operation, status checks and security easy and convenient. Because the RDX QuikStation is compatible with popular backup applications it is able to integrate into a broad range of environments. The RDX QuikStation is already supported by Computer Associates’ ARCserve®, Symantec Backup Exec™, and Tandberg Data’s AccuGuard™ Server backup and deduplication software. Additional ISV support will be announced in the near future.

“The RDX QuikStation is the Swiss Army knife of data protection,” said Marije Gould, vice president of marketing for Tandberg Data. “It is a remarkably flexible platform that facilitates consolidation of RDX data protection while providing multiple paths to adding removable disk to existing storage infrastructures. With its ruggedized and standardized RDX format, it also creates the ideal foundation for cloud seeding, bulk load, and bulk restore.”

Pricing and Availability
The RDX QuikStation removable disk library is available now through Tandberg Data’s established channel of distributor and reseller partners. The manufacturer suggested retail price (MSRP) of the RDX QuikStation starts at EURO 2,999. The RDX QuikStation comes with a one-year onsite service (where available) and software maintenance. Service upgrades are also available. RDX® media is sold separately.

RDX Market Leader
Tandberg Data is the leading worldwide provider of RDX removable storage systems, having shipped more than 200,000 RDX QuikStor drives and more than 650,000 RDX cartridges to major OEMs, resellers and distributors around the globe. Reinforcing its RDX leadership position, the company last year introduced AccuVault RDX 1TB, a next-generation RDX appliance, which includes fixed disk, RDX removable disk and preconfigured deduplicationsoftware to provide an affordable, turnkey data protection solution for the SMB/SME.

RDX Technology
Tandberg Data’s RDX technology provides a safe, rugged and portable storage choice for SMBs and SMEs. Designed to back up and archive data from servers and workstations, RDX removable disk technology offers users higher capacity, faster speed and lower cost than low-end tape products. Its fast transfer rate of up to 45MB/second allows users to back up 100GB of data in less than an hour, streamlining the backup process. RDX media is available in capacities ranging from 160GB to 1TB, with an ever-increasing capacity roadmap that tracks with the 2.5-inch mobile hard disk drive industry.

For further information please contact:
Sharon Munday, Account Director
KPR Global
Tel: +44 (0) 7787 566382

Susan Merriman
Global Corporate Marketing Manager
Tel.: (303) 417-7110

24 January 2011
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25 January 2011
Industry’s 1st Removable Disk Library for SMB Data Protection

Versatile multi-cartridge RDX® QuikStation™ blends the removability, durability and economy of tape with the random access, performance and reliability of disk

22 February 2011
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05 April 2011
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03 May 2011
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12 May 2011
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Tandberg Data acquires RDX business from ProStor Systems

21 June 2011
Tandberg Data Enhances Service and Warranty Programs

New online portal makes it simple to register, upgrade and renew service offerings

06 September 2011
New Nordics Service Partner to Drive Regional Growth

New online portal makes it simple to register, upgrade and renew service offerings

27 September 2011
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04 October 2011
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12 October 2011
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Providing Active Data Archiving and Offsite Disaster Protection when archiving to RDX Technology for SMB/SME

18 October 2011
Altaro Partnership Provides Hyper-V Backup to RDX Users

Tandberg Data’s RDX® QuikStor users get 20% discount on certified Altaro Hyper-V Backup Software

12 December 2011
RDX QuikStation Wins 2011 Storage Networking Product of Year Award

RDX® QuikStation removable disk library receives most votes to win coveted SVC Award from Angel Business Communications

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