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Tandberg Data Customer Services aim to offer a world class service and/or repair on our products. This we achieve through being ISO 9000 Certified and through continuous Quality Improvement. We ensure repair quality by "Doing It Ourselves" and by providing a competitive service product, ensuring top quality and efficiency through specialization, and finally, offering Field Replaceable Units for fast returns.

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Packing Instructions |

If you want to return units for warranty repair or from an Advanced Replacement, please read carefully following instructions:

 Packing instructions for tape products (pdf)

 Packing instructions for tape products (pdf)

 Packing instruction for tape products (pdf)


 Packing instructions for T24 tape automation products (pdf)

 Packing instructions for T24 tape automation products (pdf)

 Packing instructions for T24 tape automation products (pdf)

 Packing instructions for T40 tape automation products (pdf)

 Packing instructions for T40 tape automation products (pdf)

 Packing instructions for T40 tape automation products (pdf)


Cartridge Testing |

If you would like to send cartridges for testing to Tandberg Data, please use always this form.

Cartridge Form (pdf)

Cartridge Form (pdf)

Repair Prices |

All repair of Tandberg Data products is based on fixed repair prices. These fixed repair prices include labor and the materials needed to effect the repair. For pricing, please contact your dealer or the nearest Tandberg Data Repair Centre (see left hand section menu).

For Tandberg Data products extended benefits are offered through the Advanced Replacement Service Program.

Return Address |

Before returning materials, please read the warranty statement and follow the packaging instruction. If the original packaging is not available, please contact for assistance.

Please send defective device to:

Tandberg Data GmbH
Service and Repair
Feldstr. 81
44141 Dortmund

Attention |

From February 2004 Tandberg Data will not be provisioning the fulfillment of drive warranty and repair for Quantum branded drives any more. Still you might feel free to contact us for out-of-warranty issues of any brand. For an in-warranty repair, please contact Quantum direct.

Tandberg Data can not be held responsible or liable for the protection or security of any customer sensitive data held on media which is sent in with a drive or inside the drive. When handling cartridges, Tandberg Data will follow its internal procedures for handling customer data and will aim to protect customer data to the best of its abilities.

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