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Are there any guidelines for cleaning the LTO tape drive?
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Determining when to clean the tape drive

When the tape drive requires cleaning, the display will read "C" and the status LED or on the front bezel of the standalone tape drive. Cleaning indication notices will also appear on the front LCD of a Tape Library or in the library event log. Periodic cleaning is not recommended. Clean the drive only when the tape drive shows a cleaning required indication described above.

Note: Some software applications may notify you that the tape drive requires cleaning. Refer to your software documentation for more information.

LTO Cleaning Cartridges

To clean your LTO drive, use only Tandberg Data LTO Cleaning Cartridges or other cleaning cartridges approved by Tandberg Data for use with LTO drives.

CAUTION: Do not use any cleaning method other than the Tandberg Data LTO Cleaning Cartridge (or a cleaning cartridge approved by Tandberg Data for use with LTO drives). Using other cleaning methods not approved by Tandberg Data will void the tape drive's warranty.

Cleaning cartridge use

To use the cleaning cartridge, follow these steps:

Note: If there are no more cleaning cycles remaining on the cleaning cartridge, the tape drive ejects it without performing the cleaning.

  1. Apply power to the tape drive and wait for the power-on self-test to complete.
  2. Insert the cleaning cartridge into the tape drive. The cleaning cycle is performed automatically and takes approximately two minutes. When the cleaning cycle is complete, the tape drive ejects the cleaning cartridge and the "C" is no longer displayed.
  3. Confirm that a cleaning was completed by making sure that "C" is no longer displayed.
  4. Store the cleaning cartridge for future use if there are less than 50 cleaning cycles performed.

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