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Can I attach my SCSI drive (M2, VXA, LTO) or Library to a SCSI RAID disk controller?
(KB # 599468F5)

Attachment of Tandberg Data tape and library systems to a RAID controller is not supported. RAID controllers are specialized SCSI cards providing RAID functionality. Even though some say they support tape devices, experience has shown that you will likely suffer from random, intermittente IO errors.

Bandwidth is yet another consideration. Two Ultra160 LTO4 drives will completely consume the available bandwidth of any Ultra 320 controller.  Given that there is still overhead on the bus aside from the pure data transfer, you have effectively utilized all of the available bandwidth. Adding more drives will only slow throughput to each drive.

Similar results will be seen with Tandberg Data's LTO based solutions. No more than 2 tape drives should share the same bus.

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