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Caring for magnetic tape media - environmental
(KB # 5A738F74)

Whenever you bring a tape into the room where the tape drive is located, allow the tape to adjust to the room's temperature and humidity before using it. If you've brought the tape inside from a particularly hot or cold environment, let it acclimate for about 24 hours.

Failures that occur only at certain times of the year (for example, during the winter) may be due to a temperature or humidity control problem. For example, if you are using your tape drive for regularly scheduled nightly backups, you may want to adjust nighttime temperature setbacks to keep the heating or air conditioning on until your backup is complete.

Locate your system where the temperature and humidity are comfortable for you personally and remain fairly constant while the tape drive is in use. The temperature and humidity requirements for the tape drive are determined by the ability of the media to withstand heat, cold, and humidity.

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