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Creating a bootable RDX recovery cartridge
(KB # 348EB258)

In case of a total system crash, the whole operating system needs to be recovered in addition to the application and user files. This could be done by inserting the Windows startup DVD. A more convenient solution is to create a RDX recovery cartridge which includes a bootable Windows Recovery Environment.

The same cartridge can also be used to store the backup files. Most backup software offer a full backup feature including the download of a system recovery environment called SRE or BMR (bare metal restore). With this, a full and seamless restore can be performed from one RDX cartridge.

To create a bootable RDX media, download the “Media Creation Tool”. You might use this link:

The media creation tool downloads an ISO file to the harddisk of your computer. After the ISO file is stored, right click on it to mount a virtual CD drive, which contains all boot files. Copy these file to your RDX backup media.

For the recovery procedure, the RDX drive needs to be in Fixed Disk Mode (refer to KB #3A58BB06).You might need to change BIOS setting to be able to boot from an USB device.

Please download the Windows Backup Integration Brief to get a detailed example using Windows Backup on how to create a bootable RDX cartridge and how to recover on case of a system crash.

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