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Full backup disk to disk (D2D) using CA Arcserve
(KB # 637AB010)

If you want to perform a complete D2D backup with Arcserve on a RDX target you will have to use a script that deletes the contents of the cartridge before starting the backup. To make sure that the scripts runs before it please enter the name and path of the script under the setup of the backup and mark the script to be run before the backup starts.  




The script (c:\tmp\RDX.cmd) should look like this:


d:    drive letter of RDX drive
cd berlin   name of server, will be created automaticly, can also be done manually, the name “berlin” was created for this example

del /q BackupInfoDB.xml ARchiveInfoDB.xml


rmdir /s/q VStore Index Catalog ToPurge



Please note that only one! Restore point is kept:



Therefore the name of each restorepoint is „1“ on each RDX media.


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