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General Installation Troubleshooting Tips
(KB # D7B0DF09)

Having trouble with the installation of your new Tandberg Data tape drive or library? If neither the Quick Start Guide provided with your hardware, or the Installation portion of your User’s Manual provide the information you need, check the following information and links for assistance.


  1. Verify that the hardware is properly unpacked (all packing material removed), plugged into a known good power source and powered on.
  2. Verify that the library is set to SCSI Mode and not Sequential Mode. SCSI Mode allows the library to communicate via the SCSI bus. Sequential Mode allows manual manipulation of the library off the SCSI bus.
  3. The following Knowledge Base Articles can assist you with specific installation scenarios.


The TDTool is a Tandberg Data tape drive software diagnostic tool. This tool will allow you to run firmware updates and read/write tests on your tape drive to ensure that the tape drive is functioning properly. Article # D809A79F – Running diagnostics and updating the firmware on your tape drive using the TDTool


  1. Verify that the bus is set up correctly and all cables are connected firmly. For detailed information on troubleshooting your SCSI Bus see Article # D8F6E3FB - SCSI bus configuration tips.
  2. The SCSI bus MUST be terminated. Tandberg Data drives and libraries are not self terminating.
  3. Some RAID controllers can cause communication problems. Use a LVD SCSI Host Adapter or a properly configured SCSI / RAID multi channel controller.


  1. Tape drives and libraries require a backup utility to communicate and manipulate the transfer of data from the server to the tape. As with anything, you get what you pay for. A high end package will give you more bells, whistles and options than the utility bundled in an operating system. Check our Software Compatibility Matrix to see the list of backup utilities that are compatible with your hardware.
  2. The software must be configured to properly recognize the hardware. This is strictly a function of the software and information should be provided in your software user’s manual. Contact your software vendor directly for help in configuring the software.


  1. Verify that the appropriate driver is installed. This will be dependent on the backup software of choice. See the following Knowledge Base Articles for more information on drivers.
  2. Installing multiple backup software packages that each install a driver may cause conflicts.



Errors codes for autoloaders and libraries can be found in the respective Product Manual under "Troubleshooting and Error Codes". Product Manuals can be found here.

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