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How do I test my VXA Data Cartridges?
(KB # F0AA5264)

To prepare for testing VXA data cartridges, obtain the following:

  • VXA Packet Tape Drive with the latest firmware code. Download the current version of the firmware from the Drivers & Downloads section of the website.
  • VXATool installed on your computer. VXATool is available as a free download from the Drivers & Downloads section of the website.
  • VXA Cleaning Cartridge

To test your VXA data catridges:

  1. Clean the drive with a VXA Cleaning Cartridge.
  2. Load the data cartridge into drive.
  3. Start VXATool on your computer.
  4. Using VXATool, perform an "Erase" operation on the tape.
  5. Test the tape using the "Drive Test" in VXA Tool.
    • If the diagnostic test fails on tapes that have already been used, retire the media.
    • If the diagnostic test passes, perform another "Erase" using VXATool before re-formatting the tape with your backup software.
    • If the diagnostic test fails on a new tape, save a log file using the VXATool. Run the test again with another new tape. If more than one new tape fails the diagnostic test, call Tandberg Data Technical Support for troubleshooting assistance. Be prepared to provide log files from all failing tapes.

Tandberg Data's Tape Warranty

The full text of the Tandberg Data Tape Warranty is available at: Media Warranty

Tandberg Data Technical Support does not accept unsolicited tapes for Warranty Replacement. There are many circumstances that can cause a tape to appear faulty and proper troubleshooting steps must be taken to determine the exact cause of the failure. Please contact Tandberg Data Technical Support for media issues

Tandberg Data Tapes are covered under a limited Warranty which states that the tapes are free from manufacturer defects in material and workmanship at the time of purchase.

This warranty does not apply to failure resulting from misuse, abuse, accident, neglect or mishandling, improperly adjusted or maintained tape drives, incorrect applic ation or operating environments, wear from ordinary use or if the product has not been purchased from a source authorized by Tandberg Data.

Media Warranty Replacement Procedure

For information on replacing media under warranty, see our Media Warranty Replacement Procedure #2080

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