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Improving NFS performance by enabling async
(KB # C0D9431E)

Enabling async is a way to improve performance when using a NFS share. Use it with caution since the write operation is delayed.

  1. Stop any access to the share to prevent data loss
  2. Go to the shares section of the GUI and select “NFS Privileges” (see picture 1)
  3. Add "async," to the /etc/exports configuration field (see picture 2)
  4. Press ok to enable the changes
  5. Restart access to the share

You might also want to consider using CIFS, AFP or iSCSI instead.

Caveat: Asynchronous communication means that there will be a delay in writing. Do not use it for time critical purposes such as load balancing!

Picture 1

Picture 1Picture 2






Picture 2




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