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Media Warranty Replacement Procedure

The warranty on Tandberg Data media states “this product is free from defects in materials and manufacture at the time of purchase”. The complete media warranty can be found here on our website, as well as on the U-Card inserted in the cartridge case. The warranty also states that tapes are not warranted against failure from use, wear or misuse. Media is considered a consumable product, should be expected to wear and does require replacement. There is not an implied “Lifetime Warranty” on Tandberg Data media.

Understanding that there is an expectation of tape life and usage from our customers beyond the first time a tape is opened and used, we accept media for in-house testing for up to a year after the manufacture date. The manufacture date is encoded into the lot codes that are imprinted on the door of the tape cartridge. (Lot code number formats are proprietary information of the tape manufacturer therefore we are prohibited from disclosing the code.) This testing provides us with extensive information in regard to the tape (i.e. errors, usage / tape loads) as well as the condition of the drive (head clogs, temperature conditions) last used to write the tape. This does not imply a “one year warranty” but is simply a service to our customers to provide optimal tape life.

If you are having problems with media that is less than one year old, please follow this procedure before contacting Tandberg Data:

  1. Note the lot codes of the media in question. The lot codes are imprinted on the door of the tape cartridge.
  2. Download the appropriate diagnostics tool from our website.
  3. Insert the questionable media and, using the diagnostics tool, run a short test and save a log file from the drive. (Instructions for these procedures are downloaded with the tool.)
  4. Contact Tandberg Data Technical Support

Tandberg Data Technical Support will:

  1. Work with you to troubleshoot the problem.
  2. Gather information pertinent to the failure.
  3. Inform you where to send the log file for analysis.
  4. Analyze the log file and report the findings back to you.

If it has been determined that the media is failing at the customer location, and is less than one year old:

  1. Technical Support will instruct you how to send the media to us for testing.
  2. Testing is completed on the media in the order it is received
  3. Test Results:
    1. If the tests fail, we will replace the media under warranty.
    2. If the tests pass, your media will be returned to you.

Please note the following:

  1. Media that is over one year old is not eligible for in-house testing or warranty replacement. Contact Technical Support with the lot code numbers from the media to determine age.
  2. All media replacements are processed through Technical Support, not through our standard RMA procedures, nor through our Sales Department. Please contact Technical Support directly.
  3. All media issues will require the troubleshooting steps outlined above. We cannot consider quantities of media gathered from various locations for warranty replacement.
  4. Media that is received without troubleshooting or beyond the one year exception period will not be tested and will be returned.

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