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My backup application does not support the StorageLibrary T24. What can I do?
(KB # 5B778740)

As long as the application recognizes the Ultrium (LTO) tape drive inside the library, the inquiry string for the library can be changed to match an older, supported library. This will make the application recognize that there is a library and be able to control it.

The Magnum 224/448 library can emulate the following products:

  • 221L* library
  • 210 library
  • EZ17 autoloader

* recommended

To know if your application supports any of these product inquiry strings (the Magnum 224/448 or the Ultrium (LTO) drive(s) inside), contact your application vendor or check the application vendor's support web site's Hardware Compatibility List. You may need to have the latest drivers/patches for the application to recognize the library properly.

To change the library emulation, follow these steps.
From the Main Menu, go to:
Lib menu
Library Settings menu
Operation Mode menu
Emulation Mode menu
Choose the 221L emulation mode

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