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My backup software reported a tape error. Did my tape go bad?
(KB # 587F3BB0)

If your backup software reports a tape error, the tape may have gotten damaged, or one of the following situations may have occurred:

  • The tape drive needs cleaning. Try cleaning the tape drive before you assume that the tape has gone bad. Be sure to use an approved Premium Cleaning Cartridge.
  • The tape is incompatible with the tape drive. Make sure you are using the correct tape for your model of tape drive.
  • The tape contains data written in a format that the tape drive cannot read.
  • If you are trying to write data, the tape may be write-protected. Check the switch on the edge of the cartridge. If the opening is covered, the tape is write-protected. If the opening is not covered, you can write to the tape. Use a pen or small screwdriver to move the switch.

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