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NAS Discovery for Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012
(KB # EC3554BD)

Applies to: BizNAS (all models)

Use these instructions to discover and configure the BizNAS from Windows Server 2012 / Windows 8 when location through fails.

  • On Windows 8, type “Services” at the Search – Settings menu and select “View local services” to open the services page.
  • On Windows Server 2012, type "Services" at the Search menu and run to open the services page.
  • Select the "SSDP Discovery" service.
  • Right-click and select "Properties"




  • Change the "Startup type to "Manual" or "Automatic" to allow running on each server boot.
  • Press the "Start" button to start the service.

  • Select the "Control Panel" option from the Settings menu

  • Select "Network and Internet"

  • Select "View network computers and devices"

  • Turn on network discovery and file sharing if necessary

  • Right click on the BizNAS device and select "View device webpage"

If the BizNAS cannot be located using these instructions or, please refer to this knowledgebase article for more BizNAS device location methods.


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