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RDX QuikStor USB 3.0 HBA Compatibility Listing
(KB # 5303CEB1)

Brand Model/SKU Ports PCI-E Windows Linux MacOS
Belkin SuperSpeed USB 3.0 PCI Express Add-in Card F4U023 2 External (Type A)  Yes x x  
Inland USB 3.0 PCI Express  8830 2 External (Type A)  Yes x    
StarTech 2 port PCI Express SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Card  PEXUSB3S11 1 Internal / 1 External (Type A) Yes x    
SIIG DP SuperSpeed USB 2-Port PCIe JU-P20412-S2 2 External (Type A)  Yes x    
ASUS U3S6 U3S6 2 External (Type A)  Yes x    
CalDigit SuperSpeed USB 3.0 PCIe 791900 2 External (Type A)  Yes     x
Windows - Vista/7/2008R2  
Linux - RHEL 6.1
MacOS - 10.5, 10.6

It is our belief that any NEC chipset USB 3.0 host bus controller will operate correctly with QuikStor RDX USB 3.0.
If you come across one that does not work, please use our online support method to inform us of the incompatibility.

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