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RDX SATA dock performance issues with 3TB cartridges.
(KB # 48BC78C3)

This article applies to legacy RDX SATA-1 docks that have upgraded to SATA 0083 firmware to support cartridge capacities greater than 2TB. The performance problem only affects cartridge capacities greater than 2TB.

The performance problem occurs when the RDX SATA dock is connected to an Intel SATA Controller that is using the Microsoft SATA AHCI driver. Most motherboard SATA ports use an Intel SATA Controller.

The default driver is the Microsoft driver but many OEMs override that default and install Intel Rapid Storage drivers.

The expected data transfer rate is approximately 30MB/s or greater.

The slow data transfer rate is approximately 6.5MB/s.


Test RDX Performance:

  1. If you have an HDD performance measurement application use it  to determine RDX data transfer performance on your system  (read only testing is all that's required and will not damage your existing cartridges)
  2. If you need an HDD performance measurement application we suggest HD_Speed.exe


Determine SATA Driver Provider:

  1. To determine the driver provider for your SATA AHCI Controller.
  2. Run - Device Manager (use program search menu)
  3. click on -> IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers (to expand device list)
  4. double click on -> Standard SATA AHCI Controller (to open properties box)
  5. click on the "Driver" tab of the (Standard SATA AHCI Controller Properties box)
  6. look at the Driver Provider:  Is it (Intel or Microsoft)?
  7. if the driver provider is Microsoft and you have the performance problem please switch to an Intel Rapid Storage driver


Microsoft Driver


Intel Driver


Get Intel Rapid Storage Driver:

Step 1. Go to your computer makers support website

  1. see if there is an updated SATA Driver for your system
  2. if not then try step 2.

Step 2. Go to Intel Rapid Storage driver download website

  1. select download type: drivers
  2. select Windows OS type: your OS type
  3. download the latest drivers:


Install Intel Rapid Storage drivers:

  1. download a simple driver file set in a zip file for a 32bit system or a 64bit system
  2. (64bit system), (32bit system)
  3. extract the files to a directory on your system
  4. use the update driver button and browse your computer (point to directory you extracted files to)
  5. if the driver does not install try an earlier version of the driver package


  1. download the all inclusive executable SetupRST.exe and run on your system
  2. if this package reports that is incompatible with your system
  3. download and execute an earlier version of the driver package
  4. restart your system when asked


The Intel Rapid Storage sometimes require a cartridge be present in the RDX dock during (cold boot) system power-on or (warm boot) restart so that the RDX dock is detected.

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