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RDX Write or Erase Error
(KB # EF6043BB)

  • If the Cartridge LED is Amber:
    1. Follow the procedure for Cartridge LED Amber.
  • If the Cartridge LED is NOT Amber:
    1. Verify that the Write Protect Switch is off:
      1. Eject the cartridge and slide the switch (red arrow) to the lock position and back to the unlock position.
      2. Verify the arrow is pointing to the open lock.
    1. If Write Protect is not engaged:
      1. From Windows Explorer, right click on the RDX and select Properties.
      2. Make sure the RDX is not full.
      3. Run Scandisk and retry the application.
      4. If this procedure is not successful, service the RDX.
  • If the RDX is an external unit:
    1. If the RDX is connected to a front USB port on the system, connect to a rear port instead.
    2. Try a short (3 ft.) cable

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